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NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign

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NCH Healthcare System, located in Naples, Florida, has launched a new heart campaign to bring awareness to the importance of heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and NCH Healthcare is determined to reduce the number of deaths caused by heart disease in their community. This campaign includes educational materials and events to inform people about the risk factors and preventative measures for heart disease. NCH Healthcare hopes that their campaign will encourage people to prioritize their heart health and take action to prevent heart disease.

NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign: Raising Awareness for Heart Health

The NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness amongst stakeholders about the importance of heart health. Launched by the NCH Healthcare System, the heart campaign has been operational since 2017. It aims to reduce cardiovascular disease and promote heart health education by engaging patients, employees, and the community in various health and wellness activities.

Raising Awareness Amongst Employees

The NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign recognizes that employees play a critical role in maintaining their heart health and that they can be valuable advocates for promoting heart health in the community. Therefore, the campaign has been actively engaging employees in various health and wellness activities such as yoga, group fitness classes, and educational seminars.

The campaign has also put in place an employee wellness program which offers resources like coaching, counseling and support to the employees to promote healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, and stress management. Additionally, the hospital has been hosting health fairs that provide employees with free health screenings, nutritional counseling, and fitness assessments to identify their potential risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

Community Outreach

NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign not only focuses on promoting heart health amongst its employees but also reaches out to the community. The hospital aims to educate people about the importance of heart health and the factors that contribute to heart disease, such as high blood pressure, poor diet, smoking, lack of physical activity, and obesity.

To reach out to the community, the NCH Heart Campaign has been partnering with other organizations to host events that promote heart health. These organizations include local health departments, schools, and community centers. The hospital has utilized various outreach strategies like social media platforms, TV, radio and print media to spread the message about heart health education.

Engaging Patients

The NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign understands that it is important to engage patients in their heart health. Therefore, the hospital has developed a patient-centered approach to promote heart health. The approach involves educating patients and their families about heart health and providing them with the necessary resources to make lifestyle changes that promote heart health.

As part of the patient-centered approach, the hospital provides patients with access to resources like nutritional counseling and physical therapy. The hospital also offers classes and support groups to help patients who may have experienced heart disease gain a better understanding of their condition. In addition to this, the hospital offers a free online platform, MyNCHHealth, that provides patients with resources and tools to help them manage their heart health.

The Impact of the NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign

Since its launch, the NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign has had a great impact on the community it serves. The heart campaign has increased heart health awareness amongst employees, patients, and the community. The hospital has also managed to reduce the number of readmissions caused by cardiac arrest, and also increased patient satisfaction.

The hospital has also enhanced its reputation as a leading provider of healthcare services by demonstrating its commitment to promoting heart health and preventing heart disease. The hospital has received awards and recognition for its exceptional work in providing education, patient care, and community outreach.

In Conclusion, the NCH Healthcare Heart Campaign is an important initiative that seeks to promote heart health and reduce heart disease risk factors. The hospital’s commitment to promoting heart health has led to increased awareness amongst stakeholders, reduced readmissions, increased patient satisfaction, and enhanced its reputation. By continuing to engage the community, patients, and employees in heart health education and wellness activities, the NCH Healthcare heart campaign is poised to reduce the burden of heart disease and improve overall wellbeing.


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