Nestlings rescued after 600-mile journey in vehicle wheel well

Nestlings rescued after 600-mile journey in vehicle wheel well

SANIBEL, Fla. — Three Carolina wren nestlings were rescued from a vehicle’s wheel well. The vehicle traveled over 600 miles according to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. (CROW).

The three birds were found thin, dehydrated but healthy otherwise, according to CROW.

Carolina wrens are sensitive to cold weather and their habitats range extends over nearly the entire eastern United States. They tend to live anywhere from southern New York and Michigan beyond Florida to the eastern edge of Central America and Mexico, CROW said.

CROW’s veterinarians placed the nestlings in the facility’s ‘Baby Room’. Staff members and volunteers rotate throughout the day to deliver the nestlings’ feedings.

Officials said the nestlings are recovering well in the facility.

No further details are available at this time. Count on NBC2 to bring you the latest details as we learn them.

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