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New Florida plate design features Florida Panther

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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has revealed a new license plate design that features the endangered Florida panther. The new plate will replace the current “Protect the Panther” plate and will raise funds for habitat conservation efforts. The design incorporates a sleek image of the panther and the phrase “Conserve Wildlife” in bold letters. It’s hoped the new design will raise awareness of the importance of protecting Florida’s natural habitats and the wildlife that inhabits them.

Explore the New Florida Plate Design Featuring the Florida Panther

The state of Florida is known for its diverse history, landscapes, climate, and wildlife. From beaches to swamps, forests to marshes, Florida has it all. And among these natural riches is the majestic Florida Panther – the state animal. The panther is a symbol of the state’s wild and free spirit, and now it’s the centerpiece of the new Florida plate design.

The Inspiration Behind the Design

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) revealed the new plate design in late 2020 to mark the state’s 175th anniversary. The current green and white plate with orange citrus in the middle has been in use since 2003 and was due for a refresh. The new plate aims to highlight the unique culture and environment of Florida, with a focus on the state’s iconic wildlife.

The DHSMV chose the Florida Panther as the central design element after thorough research and input from various stakeholders. The panther is a critically endangered species found exclusively in Florida, with an estimated population of only 120-230 individuals. The plate design serves as a reminder of the state’s responsibility to preserve its wildlife and natural habitats.

The Elements of the New Plate Design

The new Florida plate design is a vibrant reflection of the state’s beauty and heritage. The white and green palette has been retained, but the orange center has been replaced with a full image of a Florida Panther. The panther graphic is in black and white, with yellow-green eyes that create an intense focal point. The panther’s fur is highly detailed, with a textured look that gives depth to the image. There is also a subtle watermark of the state seal in the background to add interest.

The new plate design has other notable features, including a smaller font that makes the plate appearance cleaner and more modern. There is also a move to the popular European-style “sunshine” design, where the word “Florida” is at the top, and the license plate number is at the bottom. This slogan has been added to the plate’s top: “Sunshine State.”

In addition to its beauty and functionality, the new Florida plate design has an added benefit: it’s eco-friendly. The new plate is entirely flat, with no raised lettering or numbers. This design feature makes it easier to read for car-mounted cameras and eliminates the need for embossing, which often requires high energy consumption processes. The optimized design also means that the state can save significant costs in production, shipping, and distribution.

How to Get the New Plate Design

If you are a Florida resident and want to upgrade your current plate to the new design, the application process is simple. You can apply for the new design at any local tax collector’s office or online through the DHSMV’s website. There is an additional fee of $28 for a standard plate or $38 for a personalized plate. If you want to keep your current plate number, you must apply before your registration renewal date.

If you’re not due for a registration renewal, you can still get the new design by ordering a specialty or personalized plate. Specialty plates cost an additional fee, and the funds raised go to specific causes, such as environmental conservation or education.

In conclusion, the new Florida plate design is a stunning tribute to the state’s natural beauty and unique wildlife. The Florida Panther is an excellent representation of the state’s commitment to conservation and responsible stewardship of its resources. With its eco-friendly design and improved functionality, the new plate is an excellent upgrade for any Florida resident. Get yours today and display your love for the state’s rich heritage and culture.


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