Olivia Wilde reacts to thirsting claims over ASAP Rocky, Rihanna

Olivia Wilde reacts to thirsting claims over ASAP Rocky, Rihanna

Olivia Wilde has reacted to claims that she was “thirsting” over Rihanna’s man, ASAP Rocky. The actress took to Twitter to address the rumors, writing, “It’s hot to respect your partner.”

The rumors began after Wilde posted a photo of herself and Rocky on Instagram. In the photo, the two are smiling and holding hands. Wilde captioned the photo, “A moment of appreciation for the most talented, kind, and all around incredible human @asaprocky.”

The photo prompted some fans to accuse Wilde of “thirsting” over Rihanna’s man. The term “thirsting” is used to describe someone who is overly eager to be with someone who is already in a relationship.

Wilde was quick to respond to the accusations, writing, “It’s hot to respect your partner.” She went on to explain that she and Rocky have been friends for years and that she was simply appreciating him for all the good he has done in the world.

Wilde’s response to the accusations was praised by fans. Many praised her for taking a stand against the idea that women should not be allowed to appreciate men who are already in relationships.

Rihanna has yet to comment on the situation. However, it is clear that Wilde was not trying to cause any drama between Rihanna and Rocky. Instead, she was simply trying to show her appreciation for a friend.

In a world where women are often shamed for expressing admiration for men in relationships, Wilde’s response was a breath of fresh air. It is a reminder that women should be allowed to appreciate men without being accused of “thirsting” or causing drama.

Wilde’s response is also a reminder that respect is the key to healthy relationships. Respect for each other and respect for the relationships of others is essential for any relationship to be successful. Wilde’s response is a reminder that it is possible to show admiration for someone without crossing any boundaries.

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