Osprey nest destroyed in Cape Coral

Osprey nest destroyed in Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – An osprey nest was torn apart in Cape Coral and concerned residents are asking ‘who did it?’.

The nest rested on a light pole at the Burnt Store Road Boat Ramp.

Over the weekend people who live in the area noticed debris of branches left scattered on the ground with half the nest hanging off the pole.

City officials say their crews did not tear the nest down but came out to investigate.

FWC says it has not received reports on the nest.

The light pole is owned by Lee County Electric Company. Officials say if a light needs repairing, crews can remove it to “maintain safety.”

Residents say an osprey was occupying the nest and was left displaced.

LCEC says it’s working to learn if their crews took the nest down and to confirm if the nest was in use.

Osprey season starts in December.

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