Parts of Cape Coral hit with serious flooding

Parts of Cape Coral hit with serious flooding

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — After rain and thunderstorms, some parts of Cape Coral saw three to five inches of rain Sunday, which resulted in significant flooding.

Southwest Second Terrace was one road that had extreme flooding with water as deep as 10-inches. Parts of Hancock Bridge Parkway, Nicholas Parkway, and Skyline Blvd were other areas we saw most cars stuck in the high water.

“It’s literally like a lake about two blocks back that way,” said Ron Harrisburg, a Cape Coral resident. “The draining systems, they just don’t keep them open I guess.”

Harrisburg wasn’t the only one upset about the drainage, Francisco Lopez also expressed his frustration.

“There should be some type of better draining systems or something,” Lopez said. “It’s a little bit ridiculous for where we live, we should be definitely be prepared for these types of storms.”

Officer Brandon Sancho with Cape Coral Police confirmed that the flooding was because of debris in the drains. He did add that there was a staff on standby to unclog any drains.

“I was just driving down Skyline, didn’t see a puddle — hit a puddle and now I have a check engine light,” said Nathan Macias, a Cape Coral resident. “This is the first time I have seen this since a hurricane-this is so random.”

Officer Sancho added that it cannot be predicted that an area will flood. It all depends on the intensity and duration of the rainfall.

CCPD was out all day Sunday to barricade different roads with major flooding.

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