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Pennsylvania toddler freed by firefighters after getting head stuck in cake pan

Pennsylvania toddler freed by firefighters after getting head stuck in cake pan
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Pennsylvania Toddler Gets Into a Sticky Situation After Playing With a Cake Pan

Erin Meixel was working from home with her 2-year-old daughter Quinnley when she heard the little girl yell, “Mommy, stuck! Mommy, stuck!” Little did she know, Quinnley had pulled an angel food cake pan completely over her head. Meixel tried to free the pan from around her daughter’s neck, but was unsuccessful. With Quinnley’s dad at work, her next option was to call some local firefighters she knew in the community, but they didn’t answer. Reluctantly, she resorted to calling 911, telling the operator it was not an emergency.

Firefighters Come to the Rescue

The 911 operator called the Junction Fire Company, who sent a few firefighters to the home to remove Quinnley’s “pan hat.” Local News outlets said the firefighters used tin snips to cut the pan in two places. Meixel said Quinnley was sitting there eating M&Ms and drinking her sippy cup, watching cartoons with the pan down enough that it looked like she was wearing a shawl. After it was off, she was mad she no longer had that ‘pan hat,’” Meixel laughed, adding that the toddler went back to playing like “nothing ever happened.” She said she can’t thank Junction Fire enough for coming out and helping free her daughter.

Lesson Learned

Meixel joked that this type of situation is nothing new with her family, sharing that she got her legs stuck in a plastic chair as a child. While it was a funny story to tell, Meixel was thankful that the firefighters were able to come to the rescue and free Quinnley from the cake pan. It’s a good reminder to parents to be extra cautious and keep an eye on their children at all times.

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