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Phil Mickelson’s bold LIV Golf claim puts PGA Tour in major rearview


As a golf enthusiast, I was blown away by Phil Mickelson’s bold claim that the new LIV Golf league could put the PGA Tour in the rearview mirror in terms of excitement and innovation. Mickelson, a well-respected and accomplished player himself, spoke highly of the new league’s format, which will feature a team-based structure and a shorter, more intense season. While the PGA Tour has long been the dominant force in professional golf, I can’t wait to see how LIV Golf will shake things up and push the boundaries of the sport.


Phil Mickelson, one of the greatest golfers of all time, recently shocked the world with his bold claim about the new golf league, LIV Golf. According to Mickelson, LIV Golf will soon become the premier golf league, putting the PGA Tour in the rearview mirror. This statement has sparked a lot of conversation in the golfing community, as people wonder if Mickelson’s claim holds any weight. In this article, we’ll explore Mickelson’s statement and examine the reasons why he believes LIV Golf will ultimately surpass the PGA Tour.

The Rise of LIV Golf

To truly understand why Mickelson is so bullish on LIV Golf, it’s important to look at the league’s history. LIV Golf is a new venture founded by Greg Norman, a former world number one golfer. The league aims to shake up traditional golf and bring new life to the sport. Its format is similar to team Sports, with four teams consisting of five players each competing in a series of matches. The matches are played on unique courses worldwide, adding a new level of excitement for both players and fans.

LIV Golf has already attracted big names in the golfing world, including Mickelson himself, as well as Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, and Henrik Stenson. These players have pledged to play in LIV Golf events alongside the PGA Tour, showing the league’s potential to draw in top-level talent.

LIV Golf’s Unique Format

One of the biggest draws of LIV Golf is its unique format. Traditional golf tournaments focus on individual players, with scores being tallied up at the end of the event. LIV Golf’s team format adds a new level of excitement to the game, however. Players are not just competing against their peers, they are also working together to win their group matches.

It’s this format that Mickelson believes will ultimately lead to LIV Golf’s success. In a recent interview, he stated, “I think it’s going to change the way golf is viewed, the way it’s played, the whole experience for the players.” According to Mickelson, playing in a team environment is much more enjoyable than just playing for individual glory. He believes that LIV Golf’s format will attract younger players as well, who may not have a deep passion for golf but are still drawn to team Sports.

Competing with the PGA Tour

While Mickelson’s enthusiasm for LIV Golf is certainly admirable, it’s important to examine whether or not the new league will be able to surpass the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour has been the premier golf league for decades and has a significant head start on LIV Golf. However, there are a few reasons why LIV Golf could give the PGA Tour a run for its money.

Firstly, LIV Golf’s unique format could attract a new demographic of fans and players. As mentioned earlier, younger players who may not have a passion for traditional golf may be drawn to LIV Golf’s team format. This could lead to an increase in popularity for the league, which in turn could attract more big-name players.

Secondly, LIV Golf’s focus on global events could also help it gain traction. The league plans to play events in countries around the world, which could lead to more international fans and players. This could be especially important as golf’s popularity in the United States has been declining in recent years.

Finally, LIV Golf is putting a strong emphasis on technology. The league aims to use cutting-edge technology to enhance the fan experience, which could lead to a surge in popularity. Fans are increasingly looking for more interactive and engaging experiences, and LIV Golf seems to be offering just that.


Phil Mickelson’s bold claim that LIV Golf will Put PGA Tour in Major Rearview has certainly sparked a lot of discussion in the golfing community. While it remains to be seen whether or not LIV Golf will be able to surpass the PGA Tour, there are certainly reasons to be optimistic. LIV Golf’s unique format, global focus, and use of technology could help it gain traction with both players and fans. Regardless of what happens, it’s an exciting time for golf fans as a new league is poised to shake up the sport.


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