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Pirates and Mitch Keller Reach 5-Year Extension Deal

Mitch Keller Agrees to 5-Year Extension with Pirates: Securing a Bright Future

In a move that has left fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates buzzing with excitement, the team has announced that Mitch Keller, the highly-touted young pitcher, has agreed to a 5-year contract extension. This multi-million dollar deal not only demonstrates the team’s commitment to its future success, but it also signifies the trust and belief they have in Keller as a key piece of their long-term plans. Let’s dive deeper into this thrilling development and explore what it means for both the player and the Pirates.

1. A Rising Star in the Making

Mitch Keller, a right-handed pitcher, was selected 64th overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2014 MLB Draft. From the moment he joined the organization, it was clear that Keller possessed raw talent and the potential to become a star. With a powerful fastball, a devastating curveball, and excellent control, Keller quickly rose through the ranks of the Pirates’ minor league system. He made his MLB debut in 2019 and has since showcased glimpses of his immense potential.

2. A Promising Performance in 2020

Amidst an unusual and challenging 2020 season, Keller seized the opportunity to solidify his place in the Pirates’ starting rotation. Despite the team’s struggles, Keller performed admirably, showing remarkable composure and consistently improving throughout the season. He finished the year with a 5.10 ERA, but it was his ability to bounce back from tough outings and perform under pressure that truly impressed the Pirates’ front office.

3. A Contract Extension Based on Trust and Potential

The decision to offer Keller a 5-year extension speaks volumes about the trust and confidence the Pirates have in his abilities. The organization recognizes the young pitcher’s potential to become a cornerstone of their future success and hopes to build a team around his talent. By locking him up for the next five years, the Pirates are sending a clear message that they value Keller as a lifelong Pirate.

4. The Impact on the Pirates’ Rebuilding Plan

The Pirates have been in a rebuilding phase, focusing on developing young talent and nurturing their farm system. Keller’s contract extension aligns perfectly with this strategy, solidifying his role as a foundation of the team’s future. With Keller as a centerpiece, the Pirates can now look to complement his skills by strategically adding other talented players to their roster, ensuring a bright future for the team.

5. A Boost of Confidence for Both Keller and the Fans

For Mitch Keller, receiving a multi-year contract extension is not just a testament to his abilities as a player, but also a validation of his hard work and dedication. It provides him with the necessary stability and security to focus entirely on his craft, knowing that the team believes in him. Similarly, for the passionate Pirates’ fanbase, this extension injects a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the future. They can now cheer on Keller, knowing that he will be an integral part of the team’s progress.

6. A Pathway to Success: Keller’s Growth and Potential

With each passing season, Mitch Keller has shown growth and improvement, indicating that he has the potential to become one of the league’s premier pitchers. By securing his services for the next five years, the Pirates are allowing him the necessary time and resources to further develop and refine his skills. This extension not only benefits the Pirates but also sets the stage for Keller to blossom into one of the most dominant pitchers in the game.


In securing a 5-year contract extension for pitcher Mitch Keller, the Pittsburgh Pirates have not only solidified their commitment to their rebuilding plan but have also demonstrated their belief in Keller’s potential. This move signifies the trust placed in Keller to become a cornerstone of the team’s future success. As a rising star in the making, Keller’s multi-year deal offers him the stability and confidence to further develop his skills. It is an exciting time for both Mitch Keller and Pirates fans, as they eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this promising young pitcher.


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