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Potential Increase in Flooding Worries Cape Coral Residents Regarding Redfish Point Development

Cape Coral residents concerned Redfish Point development could increase flooding

One of the biggest concerns of the residents in Cape Coral, Florida is the potential increase in flooding due to the proposed development at Redfish Point. This pristine area, located along the Caloosahatchee River, has sparked controversy among locals who fear that the project could exacerbate flooding issues already plaguing the region. As Cape Coral is no stranger to flooding, these concerns have left residents worried about the potential consequences of this development.

Unveiling the project: Redfish Point development

The proposed Redfish Point development is a residential project that aims to transform a scenic waterfront area into a housing complex. The project plans include the construction of numerous homes, along with various amenities for the community’s residents. However, there are growing concerns that this development could worsen the already existing flooding issues in Cape Coral.

Historical flooding in Cape Coral

Cape Coral has a long history of struggling with flooding. The city’s flat topography and low elevation make it particularly susceptible to heavy rains and rising water levels. Over the years, severe storms and hurricanes have caused significant flooding in the area, leading to property damage and displacement of residents. The issue has become so significant that Cape Coral has even been dubbed the “Water City” due to its numerous canals and water-related challenges.

Increased impervious surfaces

A major concern surrounding the Redfish Point development is the increased amount of impervious surfaces that would result from the construction of new homes. Impervious surfaces, such as roads, rooftops, and driveways, prevent water from naturally infiltrating into the ground. Instead, it is redirected, often overwhelming stormwater management systems and exacerbating flooding issues.

In addition to the impact on flooding, the increase in impervious surfaces can also harm the delicate ecological balance in the area. The Caloosahatchee River and its surrounding wetlands are home to numerous species of wildlife, many of which have already experienced habitat loss due to previous developments. Further encroachment on these natural areas could have devastating effects on the local ecosystem.

Redfish Point residents’ concerns

The potential consequences of the Redfish Point development have caught the attention of many Cape Coral residents, especially those who live in close proximity to the proposed site. These residents fear that the project’s construction could result in more frequent and severe flooding, jeopardizing their properties and safety.

Their concerns are not unfounded. A study conducted by experts in the field has shown that an increase in impervious surfaces by just 10% can lead to a 28% increase in flooding frequency. Considering the size and scale of the Redfish Point development, the potential impact on local flooding patterns is significant.

Community efforts and pushback

The concerned residents of Cape Coral have organized community meetings and formed advocacy groups to voice their concerns regarding the Redfish Point development. These groups have been actively engaged in raising awareness about the potential risks and have been pushing for more comprehensive environmental impact assessments before any construction is approved.

Demonstrations and petitions have also been launched, aiming to garner support from the wider community and encourage local authorities to reconsider the approval of the development. By highlighting the potential consequences of the Redfish Point project, these residents hope to influence decision-makers to prioritize the preservation of the local environment and the safety of Cape Coral residents.


The proposed Redfish Point development in Cape Coral has sparked deep concerns among residents regarding the potential increase in flooding. With the area already prone to flooding, the construction of additional impervious surfaces could exacerbate an already pressing issue. Residents have organized and united their efforts to raise awareness and push for more thorough assessments of the project’s environmental impact. It is crucial that these concerns are heard, and that measures are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the community while preserving the delicate ecosystem of Cape Coral.


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