Price of fireworks spike by 35% ahead of Fourth of July

Price of fireworks spike by 35% ahead of Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is just days away, and it’s going to cost you more to light up the sky.

Mike McCauley said this is the first state he’s lived where fireworks are legal on the Fourth of July.

This year he has a home with property big enough to set off some serious fireworks.

But there is a problem, the price of fireworks is up at least 35 percent for most items in places selling the bright lights.

The rise in shipping, transportation, and supply costs are a few reasons why.

Chris Whited owns American Discount Fireworks, he said these are the highest prices he’s charged for fireworks in the more than 30 years he’s had his business.

FGCU Finance Professor Tom Smythe said that probably won’t keep people from shopping.

Since the pandemic put a damper on celebrations the past two years, some may be looking to make up for lost time.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see firework sales actually be some of the highest on record,” said Smythe.

Unlike the hike in gas prices and travel, this is something people can enjoy right at home, and most people I spoke to said they plan to.

“We are going to buy a lot of fireworks,” said McCauley.

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