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Rebel Wilson Got Banned From Disneyland For Taking A Bathroom Selfie In A Secret Club

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Actress Rebel Wilson recently revealed that she was banned from Disneyland for taking a bathroom selfie in a secret club. The Australian actress, who has starred in popular movies such as Bridesmaids and the Pitch Perfect franchise, detailed her misadventure on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to Wilson, she snuck into the exclusive Club 33 at Disneyland and snapped a picture in one of the restrooms, which led to her being escorted out of the theme park. Read on to find out more about this amusing incident.

Rebel Wilson Got Banned From Disneyland For Taking A Bathroom Selfie In A Secret Club

Rebel Wilson, a famous Australian actress who is known for her comedic roles in movies like Pitch Perfect and Isn’t It Romantic, recently revealed that she got banned from Disneyland after taking a bathroom selfie in a secret club.

What happened?

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Wilson explained that she was at Disneyland with a group of friends when one of them suggested they go to a private club in the park called Club 33. Club 33 is a secret club that is only accessible to members and their guests. It’s located above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in New Orleans Square and is known for its exclusive dining experiences and decor.

Wilson and her friends were able to get into the club because one of them was a member. Wilson said that she was impressed with the decor and atmosphere of the club, so she decided to take a selfie in one of the club’s restrooms. The selfie showed Wilson posing next to a piece of artwork on the wall.

After taking the selfie, Wilson and her friends proceeded to enjoy the rest of their evening at Disneyland. However, a few days later, Wilson received a letter from the park’s management stating that she had been banned from Disneyland for violating the park’s rules.

What were the consequences?

Wilson did not provide details on what the letter said or how long the ban would last, but she did mention that she was disappointed with the park’s decision. She also joked that the ban was unfair because she had already spent a lot of money at the park and had even bought a pair of Mickey Mouse ears.

It is unclear what exact rule Wilson violated by taking a selfie in Club 33’s bathroom. However, it is possible that she was banned for violating the park’s photography policy, which prohibits guests from taking pictures in certain areas of the park or sharing photos of park property without prior consent.

What can we learn?

The incident involving Rebel Wilson serves as a reminder that even celebrities are subject to the rules and regulations of Disneyland. The park’s management takes the safety and security of its guests seriously and has strict policies in place to ensure that everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience.

It is also important for guests to be aware of the park’s rules and regulations before visiting, especially when it comes to photography and social media. Guests should always check the park’s website or ask a cast member for guidance on where and when it is appropriate to take photos.


Rebel Wilson’s ban from Disneyland may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it serves as a reminder that the park’s rules and regulations apply to everyone, regardless of their social status or celebrity status. It is important for guests to be aware of the park’s policies and to follow them in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


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