Red Lobster Is Hosting An Endless Lobster Event In NYC This Month

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Seafood lovers in New York City are in for a treat as Red Lobster is hosting an Endless Lobster event this month. The popular restaurant chain is offering all-you-can-eat Maine lobster for a limited time, and customers can indulge in as much of the succulent crustacean as they want. With Red Lobster’s reputation for quality seafood, the event is expected to draw in crowds of Food enthusiasts who love the sweet, buttery flavor of fresh lobster.

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Red Lobster Is Hosting An Endless Lobster Event In NYC This Month

If you are a fan of seafood and enjoy tasty, succulent lobster, then you need to head to Red Lobster in New York City. The restaurant chain is hosting an endless lobster event throughout the month of October, where you can enjoy as much lobster as you can eat.

What Is The Endless Lobster Event?

During the event, you get to indulge in freshly prepared and cooked lobster alongside sides and a salad. The lobster is offered in different preparation styles, including grilled, steamed or roasted. It is your chance to sample the best of what Red Lobster has to offer.

What Are The Details?

The endless lobster indulgence event will be happening across all Red Lobster outlets in New York City. You only need to pay $35 for the entire meal with no time restrictions. You can order as many servings of lobster paired with salad and sides until you are satisfied.

What’s On The Menu?

At Red Lobster, the Endless Lobster event menu includes delectable options for each course. The starters include cheesy biscuits, an ultimate feast, a seafood platter, and the crab and lobster dip. The salads include garden fresh, Caesar, and strawberry and blueberry.

For mains, there’s grilled lobster tails, garlic-grilled shrimp skewers, wild-caught shrimp scampi, and, of course, the lobster itself in steamed, grilled, and roasted options. As for sides, you can expect creamy langostino lobster mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, or broccoli.

Tips To Maximize Your Experience

While the unlimited lobster offer is tempting, you must take note of a few tips to maximize your experience.

1. Arrive Early

Arrive at the restaurant early to make the most of the offer. Red Lobster admits guests on a first-come, first-serve basis. And while there are no time limits, the restaurant may allocate specific time slots that you do not have control over.

2. Prepare Your Stomach

Before heading to the restaurant, prepare your stomach. This means staying away from dairy, caffeine and avoiding large meals beforehand.

3. Share

Lobster has high calories and fat content. You may want to share plates with your dining partner to enjoy the full experience without worrying about overeating.

4. Pair Wines

Pair your lobster with wines, which bring out the unique flavors of the seafood. Red Lobster has an extensive selection of wines to complement the lobster and enhance every bite.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of lobster, then you have a chance to satisfy your cravings this October. Red Lobster has the best offer by hosting the Endless Lobster event, and you can enjoy as much lobster as you can eat in their New York City outlets. Remember to take note of the tips shared above for a memorable experience. Happy lobster eating!

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