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Red Sox News & Links: Backup Shortstop Bobby Dalbec?


Boston Red Sox fans are eagerly anticipating the start of the new baseball season, with plenty of rumors and speculation surrounding potential lineup changes. One player who has caught the attention of many fans is Bobby Dalbec, the team’s backup shortstop. In this article, we take a closer look at the latest news and links pertaining to Dalbec and his potential role in the upcoming season. From his strengths and weaknesses to his competition for playing time, we explore everything you need to know about this promising young player.

Red Sox News & Links: Backup Shortstop Bobby Dalbec?

The Red Sox have a new backup shortstop in Bobby Dalbec. The team’s minor-league prospect has been brought up to the majors to provide cover for Xander Bogaerts while the latter is out with an injury.

Dalbec, who is primarily a first baseman, has only played a handful of games at shortstop in his minor-league career. But with the Red Sox’s lack of depth at the position, manager Alex Cora has decided to give the youngster a shot.

Who is Bobby Dalbec?

Dalbec is a 26-year-old prospect who was drafted by the Red Sox in the fourth round of the 2016 MLB draft. He made his major-league debut in 2020, but has only played in 39 games for the team.

Dalbec is known for his power hitting, with a career minor-league slugging percentage of .569. He has hit 85 home runs in his five-year minor-league career.

How Has Dalbec Done at Shortstop?

Dalbec has only played three games at shortstop in his minor-league career, so it’s difficult to say how he’ll do at the position in the majors. But he has been taking extra reps and working alongside Bogaerts to get up to speed.

In his first game at shortstop for the Red Sox, Dalbec made a throwing error. But the team’s defense held up and the Red Sox won the game 2-1.

What Does This Mean for the Red Sox?

The Red Sox have struggled with depth at shortstop all season. With Bogaerts out with an injury, the team has been relying on utility players like Danny Santana and Marwin Gonzalez to cover the position.

Adding Dalbec to the mix gives the team another option at the position. It also allows them to keep Gonzalez and Santana in their preferred utility roles.

With the Red Sox in a tight race for the AL East division title, every win counts. Adding depth to their roster, even in the form of a player like Dalbec who is inexperienced at shortstop, could prove crucial in the coming weeks.


Bobby Dalbec’s move to backup shortstop for the Red Sox is an interesting development in the team’s season. With their primary shortstop Xander Bogaerts out with an injury, the team has been testing various players at the position.

Dalbec’s inexperience at shortstop is a concern, but the Red Sox believe in his abilities and are giving him a chance to prove himself at the position. Time will tell if the move pays off, but for now, it’s an intriguing subplot to watch in the team’s push for the playoffs.


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