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Reds minor league team promptly discontinues new t-shirt design following fans’ feedback on its striking resemblance to a racial slur

Reds Minor League Team Pulls New T-Shirt After Fans Say Graphic Draws Close Resemblance to Racial Slur

A minor league baseball team under the Cincinnati Reds organization has recently faced scrutiny and backlash after unveiling a new team t-shirt. Fans quickly noticed that the graphic on the shirt appeared to resemble a racial slur, prompting the team to swiftly remove the product from their merchandise lineup. The incident has once again highlighted the importance of cultural sensitivity and the need for thorough vetting of merchandise designs.

The Celtics: A Beloved Minor League Team

The Cincinnati Reds organization boasts a long history in minor league baseball, with one of their most renowned teams being the Celtics. The team, based in the small city of Springfield, has a dedicated fan base that passionately supports their players. The Celtics have always strived to embrace diversity and inclusivity both on and off the field, making the recent controversy even more surprising.

A Controversial Graphic Emerges

When the Celtics released their new t-shirt design, they were likely expecting a positive response from their fans. However, many individuals were quick to point out that the graphic on the shirt closely resembled a racial slur. The graphic, which showcased an intertwined combination of letters, bore a striking similarity to a derogatory term used to demean people of a particular racial background.

Fan Outrage on Social Media

The moment fans noticed the resemblance, social media platforms began buzzing with outrage. Users expressed their disappointment in the team for seemingly neglecting to ensure the appropriateness of the design. The controversy swiftly gained traction, with influential voices joining the chorus of criticism. Many fans demanded an explanation from the Celtics organization and a prompt removal of the offensive t-shirt from circulation.

The Celtics’ Swift Response

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Celtics organization wasted no time in addressing the issue. They publicly apologized for any offense caused by the graphic and promptly pulled the t-shirt from their merchandise lineup. In their statement, they emphasized their commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment for all fans. The Celtics assured their supporters that they would be more cautious and thorough in the future when vetting designs for any merchandise.

Community Engagement and Cultural Sensitivity

This incident serves as a reminder of the vital need for thorough cultural sensitivity training. By engaging with the local community and taking the time to understand the potential implications of branding and graphic designs, organizations can avoid such controversies. Including diverse perspectives during the design process can lead to a more inclusive outcome and help avoid inadvertently promoting or endorsing harmful content or symbols.

A Learning Moment for the Celtics

While the Celtics’ swift response to the outcry was commendable, it is crucial for them to use this opportunity to learn and grow as an organization. They must take steps to rebuild trust with their fan base and actively work towards mending any damage caused by the incident. Engaging in meaningful conversations with community leaders and partnering with organizations that promote diversity and inclusivity can be a positive way forward.


The recent controversy surrounding the Cincinnati Reds minor league team, the Celtics, and their offensive graphic t-shirt highlights the significance of cultural sensitivity and thorough vetting of designs. It serves as a reminder that organizations must strive to understand the potential implications of their branding choices and foster inclusivity and respect for all. By learning and improving from this experience, the Celtics can move towards rebuilding the trust of their loyal fan base and creating a more inclusive environment both on and off the field.


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