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Replacement Clock to be Installed in Cape Coral Following Sale of Original on Facebook Marketplace

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The Story of The Cape Coral Clock to Be Replaced After Original Sold on Facebook Marketplace

The City of Cape Coral in Florida has been a topic of discussion lately as it has made headlines for a somewhat unusual reason. The city’s traditional clock that has been installed for years is being replaced after the original clock was sold on Facebook Marketplace. The clock may be a small part of the city’s identity, but it has played a significant role in the community and been a tourist attraction for years.

The Original Cape Coral Clock

The original Cape Coral Clock was brought to the city by a local entrepreneur back in the 1970s. The clock adorned downtown Cape Coral for more than four decades and had become one of its iconic symbols. The clock was unique in the sense that it was a mechanical masterpiece that worked perfectly, and withstood the harsh Florida weather.

The clock was also well-known for being a landmark for local residents and tourists in the area alike. It was a ubiquitous sight, visible from almost anywhere in the city, and one of the many things that make Cape Coral a beautiful and historic place to visit.

The Story of the Clock’s Sale

In May 2021, the original clock was put up for sale on Facebook Marketplace by the owner, Burness “Bud” Paquin. The ad quickly caught the attention of many individuals and businesses, including a buyer who expressed interest in purchasing the clock. The buyer offered $20,000 for the clock, and the deal was eventually finalized.

The sale of the Cape Coral Clock created a stir in the city, with many residents and community leaders concerned about the disappearance of such an iconic structure. However, some individuals felt that the clock’s sale was long overdue, and the city could do with a new and modernized version of the age-old timepiece.

The Replacement for the Original Cape Coral Clock

After the sale of the original Cape Coral Clock, a decision was made to replace the clock with a new one. This time, the city looked to purchase an electric clock that would be less of a challenge to maintain and could withstand the harsh weather conditions in the city.

The new clock is an electric model that is larger in size than the original clock. It looks similar in design to the original clock but is more modernized and more visible from a distance. The new clock is not as complicated as the old clock, but it still serves the same purpose, which is to tell time and be a part of Cape Coral’s identity.

Community Reaction and Future Plans for the Cape Coral Clock

The sale of the original Cape Coral Clock and the installation of a new one has sparked a conversation in the community about preserving the city’s historic landmarks. Many residents have voiced their concerns about losing the city’s unique identity and have emphasized the importance of maintaining its heritage.

Moreover, with the installation of the new clock, the city officials plan to create a plaque that will honor Bud Paquin, who owned the original clock. The plaque will be placed near the new clock, giving credit to Paquin for bringing the original clock to the city.

The Significance of the Cape Coral Clock for the City

The Cape Coral Clock is a symbol of the city’s resilience and progress. It represents the growth of the city, as well as its commitment to preserving its history and heritage. The clock has been a site of pride and an iconic symbol for both residents and visitors.

In conclusion, the sale of the original Cape Coral Clock may have been unexpected, but it has created a way for the city to progress and move forward. The installation of a new clock showcases the city’s development while also paying homage to its past. The clock may be just a small part of Cape Coral’s identity, but its impact on the community is invaluable, and it will undoubtedly continue to be a part of the city’s narrative for years to come.





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