Replanting After Ian: How to get a free tree for National Arbor Day in Charlotte County

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If you live in Charlotte County and want to contribute to a greener community, mark your calendar for National Arbor Day on April 25th! The county is offering free trees to its residents affected by Hurricane Ian, which hit the area in January. Replanting After Ian, an initiative led by the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors and the Virginia Department of Forestry, aims to restore the county’s natural beauty and provide residents with new trees to plant in their own yards. Find out how to get your hands on a free tree in this article.


Hurricane season is a time of great concern for those who live in coastal territories. While the storm hits not only can it cause considerable damage to life and property, but it also affects greenery in urban and natural environments. Hurricane Ian’s latest onslaught, in particular, has led to the loss of countless trees in Charlotte County, Florida. However, several organizations in the area are offering free trees to replant the devastated region. This article explains how to get a free tree for National Arbor Day in Charlotte County after Ian.

Why is it important to replant after a hurricane?

Tropical cyclones such as hurricanes can leave behind great devastation, particularly to trees. Strong winds can break trees, bring down branches, uproot trees while heavy rainfall can flood soil, which can lead to more eventful damage than the wind itself. Urban areas, where many of the trees are planted on the streets or in private property, are particularly vulnerable. Trees offer several essential advantages to people, such as purifying the air we breathe, growth of wildlife, and reducing the urban heat effect. Proper consideration of planting or replanting trees might also help in reducing the severity of hurricanes in the future: one cubic meter of wood can store nearly one ton of carbon dioxide, particularly in urban areas, which contributes to lessening emissions.

How to get a free tree for National Arbor Day

Several organizations have announced their willingness to donate and distribute free trees for National Arbor Day, which takes place on the last Friday in April. Here are a couple of steps to get your free tree for Charlotte County:

Step One: Register

Check for organizations who are offering free trees. There are a few ways to follow to discover such programs. First, check with local tree nurseries or plantations. Local nurseries, particularly independent ones, often participate in programs that give away trees for occasions like Arbor Day. The County or City Government representative might know if there is a community effort to offer free trees. Another option is to search the internet for tree plantations that are willing to donate or supply free trees for Arbor Day.

Step Two: Choose your tree

After you have planned which program/organization to engage with, look into the types of trees available. Pick the one that’s right for your property. Different species cater to different types of soil and climate. Knowing what kind of tree you want would also offer you guidance on what else you need to do to get the tree in the proper planting area, like fixing the pH level of the soil or inspecting soil drainage.

Step Three: Pick up your tree

Once you have registered and selected your tree, pick it up from the intended distribution location. Consider carefully if it is safe or feasible to take the tree home yourself, based on its size or weight or if you might need expert assistance with planting or delivery.


Charlotte County has witnessed an incredible loss of trees due to Hurricane Ian, and that can be devastating for the local environment and people. To help offset this loss, several organizations have stepped forward to offer free trees to residents in the area. Applying for, selecting, and nurturing your tree is a reasonably easy process, and it can make a significant contribution to the ecosystem in the years to come. By planting trees that are native and resistant to hurricanes, the area will have a strong recovery from the hurricane season soon.

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