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Report: Yankees’ Gerrit Cole Expected to Be Absent at Start of Season Due to Right Elbow Problem

Yankees’ Gerrit Cole Likely to Miss Start of Season with Right Elbow Issue: Report

As the baseball season approaches, the New York Yankees face a significant blow to their pitching rotation. Star pitcher Gerrit Cole is reportedly dealing with a right elbow issue that may cause him to miss the start of the season. The news has Yankees fans and baseball enthusiasts concerned about the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

The Importance of Gerrit Cole to the Yankees

Gerrit Cole is not just any pitcher for the New York Yankees; he is the cornerstone of their pitching staff. The Yankees signed Cole to a record-breaking nine-year, $324 million contract in December 2019, pinning high hopes on his ability to lead the team to success. Cole had an outstanding debut season with the Yankees in 2020, recording a 2.84 ERA and 94 strikeouts in just 73 innings, solidifying his reputation as one of the league’s top pitchers.

The Nature of the Right Elbow Issue

The specific details of Cole’s right elbow issue have yet to be disclosed, but any injury involving a pitcher’s throwing arm is cause for concern. Elbow injuries in baseball often lead to complications and can require lengthy recovery periods. Pitchers heavily rely on the strength and stability of their elbow to deliver powerful fastballs and sharp-breaking pitches. Any limitations or discomfort in the elbow can significantly impact a pitcher’s effectiveness and even lead to further damage if not properly treated.

The Impact on the Yankees’ Season Outlook

Cole’s potential absence from the starting rotation for the beginning of the season could have a noticeable impact on the Yankees’ performance. The team relies heavily on his dominant pitching to not only win games but also set the tone for the rest of the squad. Without Cole, the Yankees’ rotation will lack its ace and may struggle to maintain the same level of success.

The absence of a key player can also create a ripple effect throughout the entire pitching staff. Other pitchers will be challenged to shoulder a heavier workload, potentially leading to overuse and an increased risk of injury. This could create a snowball effect, with multiple pitchers getting injured or underperforming due to the added pressure.

Recovery Timeline and Return Expectations

Unless further medical evaluations reveal a less severe issue than expected, the New York Yankees should prepare for Cole’s absence at the start of the season. Recovery timelines for elbow injuries in baseball can vary widely, ranging from a few weeks to several months. The extent of Cole’s specific injury and his response to treatment will ultimately determine when he can return to the mound.

Baseball fans will anxiously await updates on Cole’s progress and recovery. The Yankees organization, medical staff, and coaching team will take a cautious approach to ensure he regains full health before allowing him to pitch. Rushing him back too soon could exacerbate the problem and potentially jeopardize his long-term career.

The Silver Lining for the Yankees

While the news of Cole’s potential absence is undoubtedly concerning, the New York Yankees have a talented roster that may allow them to weather the storm. The team boasts other high-quality pitchers, such as Corey Kluber and Luis Severino, who could step up and fill the void. Additionally, the offense led by stars like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton can help compensate for any temporary dips in pitching performance.


Gerrit Cole’s reported right elbow issue poses a significant challenge for the New York Yankees as they prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Losing their ace pitcher at the start of the year could hinder their performance and require others to step up. However, the Yankees are well-equipped with alternative options, and the recovery and return of Cole will be closely monitored by fans and experts alike. Only time will tell the exact impact of his absence, but the Yankees will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting his return to full health and dominance on the mound.


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