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Richard Johnson is the new Mayor of the City of Sanibel.

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Richard Johnson has been elected as the new Mayor of the City of Sanibel. With a passion for the community and years of experience serving on various city committees, Johnson is committed to making Sanibel a better place for residents and visitors alike. In this article, we will take a closer look at Johnson’s background, his goals as the new Mayor, and how he plans to achieve them.

Richard Johnson is the new Mayor of the City of Sanibel

After years of serving as the Vice Mayor of Sanibel, Richard Johnson has finally been elected as the new Mayor of the City of Sanibel. Johnson defeated his opponent Susan McDermott and will now step into the role that was previously held by Kevin Ruane.

Background of Richard Johnson

Johnson has been an active member of the Sanibel community for many years. He has served on various committees and boards, including the Sanibel Planning Commission, the Sanibel Island Golf Club Advisory Board, and the Sanibel Historical Preservation Committee. In addition to his civic duties, Johnson is also a successful entrepreneur and owns a local landscaping company that has been in business for over 30 years.

Plans as Mayor

During his campaign, Johnson emphasized the importance of preserving the natural beauty and wildlife of Sanibel, as well as improving the island’s infrastructure and economy. He plans to work closely with the City Council and other local organizations to accomplish these goals.

One of Johnson’s main priorities is to find a solution to the ongoing issue of water quality in the surrounding waters. The City of Sanibel has already taken steps to combat red tide and harmful algae blooms, but Johnson wants to explore additional measures to ensure that the beach and waterways remain clean and safe for residents and visitors.

Johnson also hopes to attract more businesses and industries to the island, while still maintaining its quaint and laid-back atmosphere. He acknowledges that this will be a delicate balance, but believes that with proper planning and collaboration, it is possible to achieve.

Reaction from the Community

The News of Johnson’s victory was met with widespread support from the Sanibel community. Many praised him for his commitment and dedication to the island, as well as his extensive knowledge and experience.

In a press release, Johnson thanked his supporters and expressed his excitement for the future of Sanibel.

“I am truly honored to serve as your Mayor and look forward to working together to build an even stronger and more vibrant community.”

Johnson’s colleagues on the City Council also congratulated him on his win, and expressed their confidence in his ability to lead


Richard Johnson’s election as the new Mayor of the City of Sanibel marks an exciting new chapter for the island. With his experience, passion, and vision, he is well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Sanibel residents and visitors can look forward to a bright future for this beloved community under his leadership.


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