Russian OnlyFans Stars Win Battle to Get Their Accounts Back

Russian OnlyFans Stars Win Battle to Get Their Accounts Back

The fans of RussianContent creators OnlyFans will rejoice that their favorite stars’ accounts have been reinstated after a tense weekend. There were hundreds of content creators toSocial media at the weekend toComplain toThey were punished on the same platform Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine. OnlyFansConfirmed toThe Daily Beast reports that the accounts will be reinstated on Monday. “We are disheartened by the recent tragic events in Ukraine. As a global business, OnlyFans stands by our creators and understand that they are not responsible for these heinous acts. After experiencing financial restrictions we have been able to restore account activity for creators in all countries,”A statement was made by a spokesperson toThe Daily Beast “Their accounts will have full functionalities as long as we continue to have payment methods to support them. We were not terminating or suspending any creator accounts based on the creator’s location, and we are doing everything we can to support our community.”The Daily Beast spoke to several creators who confirmed that their accounts had been restored.

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