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Sardines Adorn Stargazy Pie with a Crown

English Stargazy Pie Dons A Crown Of Sardines

The English Stargazy Pie is a unique and intriguing dish that captures the imagination with its extraordinary appearance. With a crown of sardines sticking out through the pastry crust, this pie has become an iconic symbol of Cornish culinary tradition. Its distinct presentation has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike, making it a must-try delicacy for anyone visiting Cornwall.

The Origins of Stargazy Pie

The origins of Stargazy Pie can be traced back to the 16th century in the small fishing village of Mousehole, located on the southwestern coast of Cornwall, England. It is said that the dish originated during a challenging period when fisherman Tom Bawcock managed to brave a winter storm and bring back an abundant catch.

The grateful villagers decided to create a pie filled with a variety of fish, and to leave the heads of the fish sticking out of the pastry crust, hence the “stargazy” appearance. This not only showcased the freshness of the fish, but also provided a practical purpose as the fish oils would add flavor to the pie while baking.

The Unique Presentation

Stargazy Pie’s most distinctive feature is its presentation. The dish consists of a flaky pastry crust, filled with a mixture of various fish and a savory sauce. As the pie bakes, the heads of the sardines placed on top emerge from the crust, their beady eyes “gazing at the stars”, creating a striking visual effect.

This unique presentation has been passed down through generations and has become a beloved symbol of Cornwall’s culinary heritage. It has even inspired tradition and folklore, with Mousehole celebrating Tom Bawcock’s Eve on December 23rd each year by lighting up the harbor and feasting on Stargazy Pie.

The Choice of Fish

Traditionally, the English Stargazy Pie is made using pilchards, a type of oily fish similar to sardines. However, variations of the pie can also include other locally caught fish such as mackerel, herring, or even white fish. The choice of fish gives the pie a unique flavor and adds to its appeal for seafood enthusiasts.

The Flavorful Filling

The filling of Stargazy Pie is as delicious as it is visually striking. The fish, along with onions, potatoes, and sometimes boiled eggs, are gently cooked in a seasoned mixture of milk, butter, and parsley sauce. This combination of flavors creates a rich and comforting filling that perfectly complements the crispness of the pastry.

While the fish heads added to the top of the pie may be an acquired taste for some, they serve as a symbol of the abundant catch and the bravery of the fishermen who ventured out to sea.

A Culinary Icon

Stargazy Pie has gained significant popularity beyond the borders of Cornwall, becoming a symbol of British culinary excellence. Its unique appearance and intriguing history have captured the attention of cooks and food enthusiasts worldwide.

The dish has been celebrated in popular culture, with appearances in literature and even an episode of the animated television series “The Simpsons”. It has also found its way onto the menus of renowned restaurants, giving it a modern twist and elevating it to gourmet status while still preserving its traditional essence.

In conclusion

The English Stargazy Pie is a delightful and fascinating dish that encapsulates the spirit of Cornwall and its fishing heritage. Its unique appearance, with sardine heads protruding from the pastry crust, adds to the appeal of this traditional pie. Whether enjoyed in a coastal village in Cornwall or at a high-end restaurant, Stargazy Pie enables both locals and visitors to experience a delicious taste of history and culture. So, next time you have the opportunity, don’t miss the chance to try this remarkable and delectable culinary masterpiece.


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