Seeking Witnesses: Truck Driver Wanted for Fatal Hit & Run Incident Near Immokalee on Sunday

Driver Wanted in Fatal Hit & Run Near Immokalee Sunday

Have you seen this truck? The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is currently on the lookout for information regarding a hit and run incident near Immokalee on Sunday that resulted in a tragic loss of life. As authorities continue to investigate the case, they are urging the public to come forward with any information they may have about the driver and the vehicle involved.

The Incident and Victim

On Sunday evening, a heartbreaking incident unfolded on the streets of Immokalee. A pedestrian, identified as John Doe, was attempting to cross the road near the intersection of Main Street and Elm Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene, leaving Mr. Doe severely injured. Despite the best efforts of emergency responders who arrived shortly after the incident, Mr. Doe succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Vehicle

The authorities have released details about the vehicle believed to be involved in the hit and run. Witnesses at the scene described the vehicle as a large, dark-colored pickup truck, possibly a Chevrolet or Ford model. It is believed to have sustained significant damage to its front end due to the impact with Mr. Doe. The police are urging anyone who may have seen this truck or has information about its whereabouts to contact them immediately.

The Search for the Culprit

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is tirelessly working to identify and locate the driver responsible for this tragic hit and run incident. They have been examining surveillance footage from nearby businesses and residences to gather any potential leads. Additionally, the authorities are actively seeking the assistance of the public in hopes that someone may have seen the truck or have pertinent information regarding the incident.

The Importance of Community Involvement

Hit and run incidents not only leave victims and their families devastated, but they also have a significant impact on the community as a whole. It is crucial that individuals come forward and provide any information they may have to help bring justice to those affected. By working together with law enforcement, the community can send a strong message that such reckless behavior will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable.

The Consequences of Leaving the Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident, especially when it involves injury or loss of life, is a serious offense. In addition to facing legal penalties, hit and run drivers often face a lifetime of guilt and remorse. By leaving the scene, the driver denies the victim and their family the opportunity for closure and justice. It is in everyone’s best interest, including the driver’s, to come forward and take responsibility for their actions.


The search for the driver involved in the fatal hit and run near Immokalee on Sunday continues. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with information about the incident or the truck to come forward. By providing even the smallest detail, individuals can play a crucial role in helping authorities solve this case and bring closure to the victim’s family. Remember, the safety of our community depends on our willingness to stand together against such irresponsible actions.


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