Selena Gomez Is Hosting Two New Food Network Shows

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Pop star Selena Gomez may be best known for her music and acting career, but she’s now showing off her cooking skills as the host of two new shows on Food Network. The network recently announced that Gomez will be hosting “Selena + Chef” and “Selena + Chef: Bigger Bites,” two shows focused on teaching people how to cook during quarantine. While Gomez has shared her love for cooking and even launched her own line of kitchenware, this will be her first time hosting a cooking show.

Selena Gomez is stepping into the kitchen with two new Food Network shows

The multi-talented singer, actress, and producer Selena Gomez is set to add another feather to her hat as she moves into the world of cooking and hosting. She recently announced that she will be hosting not one but two new cooking shows for Food Network.

“Selena + Chef” Season 2

The first show Selena will be a part of is the second season of “Selena + Chef.” The show, which premiered in August 2020, features Gomez cooking up a storm with the help of some renowned chefs like Antonia Lofaso and Roy Choi.

Unlike other cooking shows, “Selena + Chef” is a highly relatable series that showcases the struggles and triumphs of a novice cook. It’s a refreshing take on cooking shows that highlights the importance of learning and experimenting in the kitchen.

In the show’s first season, viewers were treated to some mouth-watering dishes like ramen, seafood tostadas, and matcha chocolate chip cookies. Selena’s chemistry with the guest chefs and her candid approach to cooking made the show an instant hit.

Season 2 of “Selena + Chef” promises to offer more intriguing recipes, celebrity guests, and incredible moments in the kitchen.

“Untitled Cooking Series”

Selena is also going to host a new culinary show that is yet to be named. The show will feature Selena cooking along with some of her friends.

The premise of the show is to take viewers through Selena’s cooking journey and offer a glimpse into her life. The show promises to be an intimate and fascinating experience for Selena’s fans and cooking enthusiasts alike.

In addition to cooking up a storm, viewers will also be treated to stories, games, and other exciting segments alongside Selena and her guests.

What’s in it for Selena Fans

Selena has built a massive fan base in the entertainment industry with her musical talent, acting skills, and philanthropic work. The announcement of her new shows has excited fans about the multi-talented artist’s latest adventure.

“Selena + Chef” season 1 was one of the most-watched shows on Food Network, and fans are eagerly anticipating season 2. The show’s relatable and entertaining format, coupled with Selena’s natural charm, has won hearts worldwide.

The untitled cooking show is also expected to be a hit with Selena’s fans. The show will offer an exclusive look into her life and give viewers a glimpse of the singer’s daily routine.

Final Thoughts

Selena’s entry into the culinary world is a refreshing change for the Food Network viewers, who are used to watching seasoned chefs in action. Her genuine interest and passion for cooking make her the perfect fit for her new role.

The announcement of her two new shows has set the internet abuzz, and fans can’t wait to see their favorite artist showcase her cooking skills in the kitchen. Selena Gomez has once again proven that she is a versatile artist who is not afraid to take on new challenges. Fans can expect a range of exciting recipes and a unique viewing experience in the upcoming season of “Selena + Chef” and the untitled cooking show.

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