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Some ‘Love Is Blind’ Contestants Say They Were Deprived Of Food & Water While Filming

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Several former contestants of the hit Netflix reality show ‘Love Is Blind’ have come forward alleging that they were deprived of Food and water while filming the show. According to participants in the show, the conditions were so tough that they lost dramatic amounts of weight during filming. Many contestants have voiced their concerns about the lack of support provided by the production team, while others have praised the show for helping them find love. This article explores the revelations from these former ‘Love Is Blind’ contestants.


Netflix’s hit reality show ‘Love Is Blind’ has been making headlines ever since its debut. The show, which follows a group of single people looking for love and marriage, has been praised for its unique approach to dating. However, some contestants revealed that they were deprived of Food and water while filming the show.

The Controversy

According to inside sources, some contestants claimed that they were not provided with an adequate amount of Food and water during their time on the show. They have alleged that they were often left hungry and thirsty, and had to fend for themselves when it came to meals.

These revelations have led to controversy, with many fans expressing concerns about the welfare of the contestants. Some have even called for an investigation into the production of the show.

The Experience of the Contestants

Several contestants have spoken out about their experiences on the show. Carlton Morton, who appeared on the first season of ‘Love Is Blind’, took to social media to reveal that he had to beg for Food during filming.

Morton claimed that he was not provided with enough Food, and that he and other contestants had to make do with the limited options they were given. He also revealed that he was given just one bottle of water per day.

Similarly, Mark Cuevas, who appeared on the same season as Morton, also alleged that the contestants were not given enough Food. Cuevas claimed that he had to eat less Food than normal while filming, and that he often went hungry.

Other contestants have also spoken out about their experiences on the show. Some have claimed that the Food provided was not sufficient, while others have said that they were not given enough water.

Production’s Response

The production company behind ‘Love Is Blind’, Kinetic Content, has issued a statement denying the allegations. In their statement, Kinetic Content claims that the contestants were provided with Food and water throughout filming.

They also stated that they take the welfare of their contestants very seriously, and that they would never intentionally deprive them of Food or water. They also pointed out that the contestants were free to speak out about any issues they had during filming.


The allegations of Food and water deprivation on the set of ‘Love Is Blind’ are concerning for both fans of the show and the contestants themselves. While Kinetic Content has denied the allegations, the testimonies of some of the contestants cannot be dismissed. All parties involved should work together to ensure that the welfare of contestants is a top priority.

It’s important to note that reality television often comes with criticisms surrounding the wellbeing of the contestants. While it’s clear that it can provide some participants with a platform and a potentially life-changing experience, it should never come at the cost of their health. The production companies must ensure that all contestants are treated with the utmost respect, with their welfare and wellbeing always at the forefront.


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