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Starbucks’ New CEO Will Take On A Barista Shift Once A Month

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Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, has announced that its new CEO, Kevin Johnson, will be taking on a barista shift once a month. This move is aimed to understand the company’s store-level operation more closely and to connect with both employees and customers on a personal level. The company plans to view the business from the ground level and improve the customer experience by receiving feedback from baristas and customers.


In an effort to align with Starbucks’ core values, the new CEO, Kevin Johnson, has decided to take on a barista shift once a month. This approach is a clear indication of his commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience and showcasing the brand’s values.

Why is this Important?

The baristas are the backbone of the Starbucks experience. Without them, the brand would not be where it is now. The baristas are ambassadors of the brand and its values. Furthermore, they are responsible for providing customers with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that keeps them coming back. Therefore, engaging with the most crucial tier of the company will go a long way towards improving customer satisfaction and the overall performance of stores.

What Will be the Impact?

Kevin Johnson’s decision to take on a barista shift once a month will significantly impact the company’s culture and operations. By leading by example and putting in the work, Johnson will strengthen morale among staff and build trust with customers. This move is not just about PR stunts, but it also enhances the CEO’s understanding of the daily challenges, responsibilities, and needs of baristas. This move will help him to make better decisions, develop better policies that will improve their lives, and ultimately improve store performance.

What Does it Mean for the Company?

This decision highlights the company’s commitment to upholding its values and keeping its employees happy. The Starbucks brand is rooted in customer service and warmth, and baristas are at the forefront of providing that experience to customers. This barista shift initiative showcases the value of teamwork, leadership, and a willingness to work hard and serve others. The CEO’s participation will encourage the entire company to perform at the highest level, which will result in better customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve sales performance.

Challenges and Opportunities

While this decision is undoubtedly beneficial to both the employees and the company, challenges and opportunities may arise. One of the challenges is that the CEO’s busy schedule could impact the timing of his barista shift. Still, his commitment and consistency to this initiative will prove to be critical in creating a strong relationship with staff and showing customers that he is committed to the Starbucks experience.

On the other hand, this initiative provides significant opportunities for growth and innovation. This opportunity can be used to educate the CEO about staff concerns and take a fresh look at various operational approaches. With Johnson working alongside them, baristas could also take advantage of the opportunity to share their insights about what qualities great managers have, offering useful feedback for future management hires.


In conclusion, Kevin Johnson’s decision to take on a barista shift once a month symbolizes Starbucks’ efforts to demonstrate its values, commitment to employees, and exceptional customer service. It showcases the company’s dedication to building solid relationships with customers and staff. The initiative has the potential to improve performance, boost morale, and create new opportunities that will improve the overall Starbucks experience. This move is a clear indication of Kevin Johnson’s focus on leadership through action, setting an exemplary standard, and leading by example in the art of serving a great cup of coffee.


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