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Stolen tools returned to Cape Coral businessman

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Stolen Tools Returned to Cape Coral Businessman

It’s a story that’s becoming all too common these days – break-ins and the theft of valuable tools and equipment from hardworking business owners. But this story has a happy ending, thanks to a community that came together to help one man recover what was rightfully his.

The Crime

Last month, Cape Coral resident Joe Caravella woke up to a nightmare. His business, South Florida Seamless Gutters, had been broken into overnight, and thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment were stolen.

“They took all of our power tools – saws, drills, grinders, generators – you name it,” said Caravella. “They even took our ladders and our truck.”

The thieves had used bolt cutters to break the locks on Caravella’s truck and trailer, making off with everything they could carry. The loss was devastating for Caravella, who has been running his business for over 20 years.

The Community Response

News of the break-in quickly spread through the tight-knit Cape Coral community, and people began to offer their support.

“Everyone was saying, ‘Hey, keep an eye out for Joe’s stuff. If you see anything suspicious, let us know,'” said Chris Fariello, a local resident who had heard about the theft on social media.

As it turned out, Fariello was about to play a key role in recovering Caravella’s stolen tools.

The Recovery

Two days after the break-in, Fariello saw a Facebook post from a local pawn shop, advertising a generator for sale. The generator had Caravella’s name and phone number written on it, so Fariello knew immediately that it was stolen.

“I called Joe right away and told him about the generator,” said Fariello. “He called the police and we went down to the pawn shop together.”

At the pawn shop, Caravella was able to identify not just the generator, but a number of other tools that had been stolen from his business. The police were called, and the pawn shop owner was cooperative. The tools were returned to Caravella that same day.

The Aftermath

Caravella was overjoyed to have his stolen tools back, but the recovery was bitter-sweet. Many of the tools had been sold to other pawn shops and were unrecoverable. Caravella estimates that he lost over $10,000 worth of equipment in the break-in.

“It’s rough,” said Caravella. “We’re a small business, and every dollar counts. Losing that much money hurts.”

Despite the loss, Caravella is grateful for the community support he received. “It was amazing,” he said. “People were reaching out to us, offering to lend us tools or help us out financially. That’s what makes this community so special.”

The Importance of Community

The story of Joe Caravella’s stolen tools serves as a reminder of the importance of community. When times are tough, it’s the people around us who can make all the difference.

“It’s hard to put into words how much it means to have that support,” said Caravella. “It really helps you get through the tough times.”

Fariello, who played a key role in recovering Caravella’s stolen tools, agrees. “It’s amazing to see what can happen when a community comes together,” he said. “We’re all in this together, and it’s important to look out for each other.”


The story of Joe Caravella’s stolen tools had a happy ending, thanks to the support of his community. Though he suffered a significant loss, Caravella found comfort in the knowledge that he was not alone. The people around him rallied to his aid, offering support, encouragement, and even the tools he needed to keep his business going.

In a world where so many people feel disconnected from their communities, it’s important to remember the power of a little bit of kindness and compassion. A small gesture can mean the world to someone in need, and, as the story of Joe Caravella’s stolen tools demonstrates, it can make all the difference.


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