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Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Draft Target: Ohio State EDGE Zach Harrison


As a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, I have my eyes set on Ohio State EDGE Zach Harrison as a potential draft target. The Bucs have done well in recent drafts and adding a versatile, athletic pass rusher like Harrison could take their defense to the next level. Standing at 6’6″ and 268 pounds, Harrison possesses the size and speed to excel at the next level. With his explosive first step and ability to bend the edge, he could make an immediate impact on the Bucs’ defense.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gearing up for another season of NFL action, and the NFL Draft is a vital part of their preparation. One player who could add a spark to their defense this season is Ohio State EDGE Zach Harrison.

Who is Zach Harrison?

Zach Harrison is a talented defensive end who played for the Ohio State Buckeyes in college. He was a five-star recruit and one of the best high school players in the country, which makes him a hot NFL draft prospect. At Ohio State, he was part of a talented defensive unit that helped the Buckeyes make the College Football Playoff in 2020.

Harrison has prototypical size and athleticism for an NFL defensive end, standing at 6’6” and 265 pounds. He also has impressive speed and agility, which allows him to be a dominant pass rusher. His combination of size, athleticism, and high football IQ makes him an asset for any team that drafts him.

How Can Harrison Help the Buccaneers?

The Buccaneers have a strong defense, especially when it comes to pass rush. Last season, they finished with the fourth-most sacks in the league. However, they could still benefit from more depth at this position, especially if they aren’t able to re-sign some of their key players.

Harrison could be an ideal fit for the Buccaneers defense. He has the size, speed, and power to be an effective pass rusher at the NFL level. He can play both defensive end and outside linebacker, which makes him versatile and gives the Bucs more flexibility in their defensive schemes.

Another area of the game where Harrison could make an impact is in run stopping. He’s not just a one-dimensional pass rusher, but can also use his size and strength to disrupt the opponent’s rushing game. This would make the Buccaneers defense even more well-rounded and give them more options when it comes to matchups and game planning.

Why Should the Buccaneers Draft Harrison?

There are several reasons why the Buccaneers should consider drafting Zach Harrison. Firstly, they need to add depth to their defensive line. They have some solid players at this position, but Harrison could be a game-changer for them. His ability to rush the passer and stop the run would make the Bucs defense even more dominant and formidable.

Secondly, Harrison has a high ceiling when it comes to his potential. He’s already an impressive college player who has shown flashes of brilliance, but he’s still young and has room to grow. If he continues to develop and hone his skill set, he could become one of the best defensive ends in the league.

Lastly, Harrison would be a great addition to the Buccaneers’ locker room. He’s a hard worker who is dedicated to perfecting his craft. He also has a great attitude and is a natural leader. These qualities are essential for any player who wants to thrive in the NFL, especially on a team like the Buccaneers that values teamwork and chemistry.

What are the potential drawbacks of drafting Harrison?

While there are many reasons why the Buccaneers should consider drafting Zach Harrison, there are also some potential drawbacks to keep in mind.

Firstly, Harrison is still a young player who is relatively inexperienced. He’s played well at the college level, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to adapt to the NFL quickly. He may need some time to adjust to the speed and physicality of the game, which could affect his performance in his rookie season.

Secondly, the Buccaneers already have some talented players at the defensive end position. Players like Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul are both Pro Bowlers who have been instrumental in the team’s success in recent years. It’s possible that Harrison might struggle to find playing time if he’s drafted by the Bucs, which could affect his development and confidence.

Lastly, the Buccaneers have some other positions that they could address in the draft, such as offensive line or linebacker. While Harrison is a talented player, the Bucs may decide that they need to shore up other areas of the team first before addressing the defensive end position.


Zach Harrison could be an excellent draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has all the physical tools and intangibles that teams look for in an NFL player, and his potential is enormous. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider before the Bucs make their decision.

At the end of the day, the most critical factor in determining whether Harrison will succeed in the NFL is how well he adapts to the pro game. If he can make the transition smoothly and continue to develop his game, he could be an important part of the Buccaneers defense for years to come.


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