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Tampa Bay Lightning extend Michael Eyssimont for two years

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As a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, I am thrilled to hear that the team has extended Michael Eyssimont for two more years! Eyssimont has been a force to be reckoned with on the ice, showcasing his skill and perseverance in every game. His speed and agility have helped the Lightning secure several victories this season, and I can only imagine what he will accomplish in the years to come. Here’s to more success for Eyssimont and the Lightning!

Tampa Bay Lightning Extend Michael Eyssimont for Two Years

The Tampa Bay Lightning has extended Michael Eyssimont’s contract for two years, a move that has been welcomed by many Lightning fans. The young forward has impressed in his first season with the team, showing great potential and earning the trust of the coaching staff.

Eyssimont’s Performance in his Rookie Season

Eyssimont, who was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the fifth round of the 2016 NHL Draft, joined the Lightning as a free agent in 2020. He started the season with the team’s AHL affiliate, the Syracuse Crunch, where he scored six goals and seven assists in 23 games.

Eyssimont was called up to the Lightning in February and made his NHL debut on the 15th against the Nashville Predators. He played in 18 games for the team, scoring two goals and three assists, and was one of the team’s top performers in the playoffs.

Eyssimont’s Potential and Fit with the Lightning

Eyssimont’s combination of skill, speed, and tenacity has made him a valuable asset for the Lightning. He has shown flashes of brilliance on the ice, scoring goals and making plays that have impressed fans and teammates alike.

Eyssimont also fits well with the Lightning’s style of play. The team values speed, skill, and intensity, and he has all three in spades. His versatility has also been a plus, as he has played on multiple lines and in different situations.

What the Extension Means for Eyssimont and the Lightning

The two-year extension is a sign of the Lightning’s belief in Eyssimont’s potential and his place in the team’s future. It also gives him some security and stability as he continues to develop as a player.

For the Lightning, the extension is another step in building a team that can compete for the Stanley Cup for years to come. Eyssimont is one of several young players who have shown promise and could be important parts of the team’s success in the future.

Reaction from Fans and Analysts

Fans and analysts have praised the Lightning’s decision to extend Eyssimont’s contract. Many believe that he has the potential to become a key player for the team, and that his speed and skill will be valuable assets in the coming seasons.

Some have compared Eyssimont to former Lightning forward Tyler Johnson, who was a key part of the team’s success in the past. Both players are undersized but tenacious, with a knack for scoring goals and making plays in important moments.

The Future for Eyssimont and the Lightning

With his contract extension, Eyssimont will have the opportunity to continue to develop and mature as a player with the Lightning. The team has a strong core of veteran players, including Steven Stamkos, Victor Hedman, and Andrei Vasilevskiy, who can provide leadership and guidance for the younger players on the team.

Eyssimont will also have the chance to learn from head coach Jon Cooper, who has a proven track record of developing young players and helping them reach their potential. With Cooper’s guidance and support, Eyssimont could become a star player for the Lightning in the near future.

Overall, the extension of Michael Eyssimont’s contract is a positive sign for the Tampa Bay Lightning. The team is committed to building a strong, talented roster, and Eyssimont is one of the key pieces of that puzzle. With his speed, skill, and tenacity, he has the potential to become a fan favorite and a vital part of the team’s success in the years to come.


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