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The Aftermath of Shark Tank: A Revealing Account

Here’s What Happened After Shark Tank

Shark Tank, the popular reality TV show that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors, has seen its fair share of success stories. Many entrepreneurs have walked away with funding and mentorship, propelling their businesses to new heights. However, not all deals made on the show have ended in success. In this article, we will take a closer look at what has happened to some of the companies that have appeared on Shark Tank.

Aquapaw: From Bath Time Innovation to Global Success

Aquapaw, a company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 offering a unique bathing tool for pets, experienced tremendous success following their appearance on the show. The company, founded by husband and wife team Daniel Lentz and Tom Zipprian, managed to secure a deal with investor Robert Herjavec. With Herjavec’s financial backing and guidance, Aquapaw was able to grow their business into a global brand. Today, their innovative bathing product can be found in pet stores and online retailers worldwide.

Slyde Handboards: Riding the Wave of Success

Another success story from Shark Tank is Slyde Handboards. Steve Watts, the founder of Slyde Handboards, appeared on the show in 2015 seeking funding for his unique bodysurfing handboards. Despite facing tough questions from the sharks, Watts managed to strike a deal with renowned investor Mark Cuban. With Cuban’s support, Slyde Handboards was able to expand their product line and reach a broader audience. Today, the company is a leading brand in the bodysurfing industry with a strong online presence and a dedicated customer base.

MyoStorm: From a Hot Seat to Warm Muscles

MyoStorm, a company that offers innovative self-heating massage balls, faced a challenging experience on Shark Tank but managed to turn it into success. Founded by siblings Lulu Chang and Eric Glader, MyoStorm entered the tank in 2019 seeking a deal. Although they did not secure a partnership with any of the sharks, the exposure from being on the show helped them gain traction. They later turned to crowdfunding and raised over $679,000 to further develop their product. Today, MyoStorm’s self-heating massage balls are a hit among athletes and those seeking muscle relief.

FlexScreen: A Window of Opportunity

FlexScreen, a company that manufactures flexible window screens, had a memorable journey on Shark Tank. Joe Altieri, the founder of FlexScreen, appeared on the show in 2016 and successfully struck a deal with investor Lori Greiner. With Greiner’s support, Altieri was able to streamline his manufacturing processes and expand his distribution network. FlexScreen has since become a leading name in the window screen industry, with their innovative product being featured in major home improvement stores across the country.

UpdateMate: Missing the Mark?

Not every experience on Shark Tank ends in success, and UpdateMate is a perfect example. UpdateMate, a company that offers an innovative smartphone case with built-in earphones, appeared on Shark Tank in 2018 seeking funding. Despite having a promising product, none of the sharks saw enough potential in UpdateMate to make an investment. However, the company continued to push forward and refine their product. Today, UpdateMate is a small but thriving business, selling their smartphone cases to a niche market of tech enthusiasts.

Nanit: Watching Over Babies with Success

Nanit, a company that produces smart baby monitors, had a different experience on Shark Tank. In 2016, they successfully secured a deal with sharks Robert Herjavec and Chris Sacca. With the investors’ guidance, Nanit was able to refine their product and expand their marketing efforts. Today, their smart baby monitors are highly regarded in the parenting community. Nanit has experienced significant growth and has established partnerships with major retailers, making their monitors accessible to parents worldwide.


Appearing on Shark Tank can be a life-changing opportunity for entrepreneurs. While some companies like Aquapaw and Slyde Handboards soared to new heights with the help of their shark investors, others, like UpdateMate, found success through perseverance and continuous improvement. The exposure gained from the show has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the growth of these businesses, whether through securing deals or attracting crowdfunding. Shark Tank has proven to be a platform that can launch businesses towards success, providing entrepreneurs with the resources and mentorship they need to thrive in their respective industries.


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