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The Aftermath of Shark Tank: Here’s What Went Down


Running a successful business is a dream for many entrepreneurs, and appearing on the hit TV show Shark Tank can be a game-changer. The show provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for innovative individuals to pitch their business ideas to a panel of esteemed investors. However, securing a deal on the show is only the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey. In this article, we will explore what happened to some of the entrepreneurs after they appeared on Shark Tank, highlighting their triumphs and challenges.

Success Stories

An Inspiring Journey – The Scrub Daddy

One of the most notable success stories from Shark Tank is that of Aaron Krause and his product, the Scrub Daddy. Krause successfully convinced the Sharks to invest $200,000 in his smiley-faced sponge that can adapt its texture based on water temperature. As a result, the Scrub Daddy became a household name, quickly gaining widespread popularity. Krause’s revenue skyrocketed, reaching an astounding $75 million within just a few years. Today, the Scrub Daddy is not just an essential cleaning tool but a symbol of entrepreneurial success.

From Underdog to Dominance – Bombas

Another remarkable post-Shark Tank success story is that of David Heath and Randy Goldberg, the founders of Bombas. This innovative sock company caught the attention of the Sharks, who collectively invested $200,000. Bombas’ mission to provide comfortable and durable socks to consumers, while donating a pair to those in need for every purchase, struck a chord with the public. Since its appearance on the show, Bombas has experienced tremendous growth, boasting over $225 million in sales and becoming one of the leading sock brands in the market.

Challenges and Pivots

A Bumpy Road – Honeyfund

While some entrepreneurs achieve immense success after Shark Tank, others face significant challenges. Honeyfund, a wedding registry platform, appeared on the show seeking investment to expand its business. Despite receiving offers, the founders declined, but their story does not end there. Following their appearance, Honeyfund underwent significant pivots in its business model to adapt to changing market trends. Despite facing hurdles and fierce competition, Honeyfund managed to stay afloat and continue serving couples on their journey towards their dream wedding.

Learning from Failure – Three Jerks Jerky

Appearing on Shark Tank can be a double-edged sword, as failure is also a possibility. An example of this is Three Jerks Jerky, a high-end beef jerky company. Despite having an innovative product and securing a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban, the founders faced numerous challenges. From production issues to shifting market demand, Three Jerks Jerky struggled to maintain its momentum. Eventually, the company had to close its doors, highlighting how even a Shark Tank investment does not guarantee long-term success.

Life After Shark Tank

Expanding Horizons – Squatty Potty

For some entrepreneurs, appearing on Shark Tank opens doors to opportunities beyond their initial pitch. Squatty Potty, a toilet stool designed to improve the bathroom experience, received a $350,000 investment on the show. However, their success didn’t stop there. The company went on to land a viral YouTube video campaign featuring a unicorn that garnered millions of views. The video catapulted Squatty Potty into mainstream consciousness, leading to a significant increase in sales and recognition. Today, Squatty Potty continues to innovate and expand its product lineup.

From Infomercial to Retail – Qubits

While some businesses flourish after Shark Tank, others take a different path. Qubits, a construction toy invented by Mark Burginger, experienced initial success but struggled to gain traction beyond a niche market. However, the exposure from the show led to a partnership with an infomercial company, resulting in a successful television campaign. This propelled Qubits into the retail market, allowing them to reach a broader audience. Despite facing challenges along the way, Qubits found their niche and evolved into a successful retail brand, proving that persistence and adaptability are key to long-term success.


The journey after Shark Tank varies for each entrepreneur and their business. While some experience remarkable success and flourish, others face hurdles and must pivot their strategies. The exposure from the show can open doors to new opportunities, as seen with Squatty Potty and Qubits. However, securing a deal on Shark Tank does not guarantee long-term success, as demonstrated by the challenges faced by Three Jerks Jerky. Ultimately, the future of a post-Shark Tank business relies on the abilities of the entrepreneurs and their dedication to adapt, innovate, and persevere.


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Avi Adkins is a seasoned journalist with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail. With years of experience in the field, Adkins has established himself as a respected figure in journalism.

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