The Alternative Cooking Method For Even Chicken-Fried Steak

The Alternative Cooking Method For Even Chicken-Fried Steak

For those who live in Dallas or other parts of Texas, finding a chicken-fried steak probably isn’t too much of a struggle. In fact, the Dallas Observer reports that Texas loves this dish so much it has an annual day to celebrate it, October 26. The publication also shared a slew of suggestions where one can find a good chicken-fried steak (or “CFS,” as the cool kids like to call it). Another option, of course, would be to try making one at home.

Using a cast-iron skillet would be one way to go to cook up chicken-fried steaks, but as Serious Eats found out, the batter may brown unevenly as the surface of the steaks touching the skillet cook quicker than the rest. The outlet shared a cooking solution that produced a more even cooking experience: deep frying the steaks in a Dutch oven. Since, “Most people expect their CFS to be the size of a human head,” as the Dallas Observer put it, the size of chicken-fried steaks can be difficult to navigate in the kitchen. Serious Eats went with a seven-quart Dutch oven, resulting in “steaks that were evenly golden, with every nook and cranny of their textured crust intact.” Sounds like those chicken-fried steaks were just begging to be gravy-doused and eaten. – * Source link

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