The Best Cocktail Shakers In 2022

The Best Cocktail Shakers In 2022

From classic martinis to daiquiris, creating professional-grade cocktails at home can be a piece of cake provided that you have the right tools. Our mission to bring you the best cocktail shakers of the year took us to the most remote corners of the internet where we read hundreds of professional and community reviews. We took into account a number of factors when selecting products in order to cover all the bases.

Firstly, we looked at design, material, and durability. After all, stainless steel shakers are likely to last much longer than their plastic counterparts. The next criteria we considered were capacity, weight, and price. Last but not least, we looked at whether the shakers were simple to clean. As mentioned, the Boston shaker tends to win in this department. Nevertheless, many cobbler shakers are dishwasher-safe, which puts them back in the game when it comes to easy maintenance.

Whether you like the simple design of Boston shakers or the convenience of cobblers, here’s our top selection of the best cocktail shakers in 2022. – * Source link

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