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The Cubs enter spring training with numerous moving parts, still appearing incomplete

The Cubs: A Spring Training with Many Moving Parts

As the Chicago Cubs kick off another spring training, there is an air of anticipation surrounding the team. After a disappointing performance last season, fans and experts alike are eager to see what changes and improvements have been made during the offseason. However, it is safe to say that the Cubs still look incomplete at the start of this spring training, with many moving parts that need to be addressed and solidified.

The Lingering Questions

Heading into the new season, there are several key positions and areas of concern that the Cubs need to address. First and foremost, the starting rotation remains a question mark. After trading away Yu Darvish, the Cubs have yet to find a suitable replacement for their ace. While they have a few promising young arms, it remains to be seen if they are ready to step up and fill the void left by Darvish.

Another area of uncertainty is the bullpen. Last year, the Cubs’ relief pitching was inconsistent at best, and there were several blown saves that cost them crucial games. The team will need to identify and develop reliable late-inning options to secure victories and support their starting rotation.

The Infield Puzzle

The Cubs’ infield is another puzzle that needs to be solved. With the departure of shortstop Javier Baez and third baseman Kris Bryant, the team has a void to fill on the left side of the field. While they have some talented prospects in their farm system, it remains to be seen if they are ready for the big leagues.

At first base, Anthony Rizzo’s departure leaves another hole to fill. While he was a key part of the Cubs’ success for many years, his absence creates an opportunity for someone else to step up and make an impact. However, finding a replacement for Rizzo’s leadership on and off the field will be no easy task.

Outfield Questions

The outfield is yet another area that requires some attention. With the departure of Kyle Schwarber, the Cubs have an opening in left field. Many fans are excited about the possibility of seeing highly-touted prospect Brennen Davis take the field, but his readiness for the major leagues remains uncertain.

Center field also presents a challenge for the Cubs. After trading away Ian Happ, the team is left with a gap in their outfield defense. They will need to find a reliable, athletic center fielder who can cover a lot of ground and provide stability to the outfield.

The Coaching Factor

While the Cubs’ roster is in a state of flux, the coaching staff also plays a crucial role in their success. New manager David Ross will need to navigate these moving parts and find the right combinations on the field. His ability to develop players, make sound strategic decisions, and instill a winning culture will be paramount in shaping the Cubs’ season.

Filling out Ross’s coaching staff with experienced and knowledgeable individuals will also be essential. The Cubs need a coaching staff that can help players reach their full potential and provide valuable guidance throughout the season.

Predictions for the Season

Given the incomplete and uncertain nature of the Cubs’ roster, it is difficult to make accurate predictions for the upcoming season. However, it is clear that the team still has a lot of work to do in order to contend in a competitive division.

If the Cubs can find suitable replacements for key departures and develop their young talent, they may have a chance at competing for a playoff spot. However, without a solid starting rotation, reliable bullpen, and a well-rounded infield and outfield, their chances may be slim.


As the Chicago Cubs begin their spring training, it is evident that there are many moving parts that need to be addressed. With several key positions to fill and uncertainty surrounding their roster, the team still looks incomplete. However, with the right coaching and development, the Cubs have the potential to surprise and compete in the upcoming season. Only time will tell if they can piece together the puzzle and transform into a successful team once again.


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