The Odd Connection Between Kevin McCarthy And Lettuce

The Odd Connection Between Kevin McCarthy And Lettuce

Much like Liz Truss’ time as prime minister of the United Kingdom, some U.S. citizens are convinced that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s days are numbered. Initially inspired by The Economist’s line noting that Truss’ grip on power amounted to no more than seven days, or, “roughly the shelf-life of a lettuce,” British tabloid the Daily Star launched a live feed that monitored a generic head of lettuce’s slow demise alongside a framed photograph of Truss, according to The New York Times. As many expected (and maybe hoped?), the lettuce did outlive Truss’ time as leader of the Conservative Party, as she resigned after only 44 days on the job. And now McCarthy faces the same fate.

Mimicking the Daily Star’s viral joke, The Lincoln Project, a political action committee founded in an effort to prevent former president Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election, recreated the Truss setup by placing a framed photograph of McCarthy next to a head of lettuce — googly eyes included. “Who will last longer?” the PAC wrote on Twitter ahead of the first Speaker vote on January 3. While we’re not sure if the lettuce gag was only set in motion to emphasize the lengthy election process or McCarthy’s then-pending tenure as Speaker overall, there have seemingly been no updates on the lettuce’s status. However, The Lincoln Project did make its feelings on McCarthy’s so-called “win” known. 

“The ridiculous fight that paralyzed Congress for days is only the beginning of the chaos and dysfunction that is to come,” the PAC said in a statement. We only hope The Lincoln Project will issue a similar statement about the lettuce soon, too. – * Source link

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