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The Red Sox Defense Is A Problem


As a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, it’s hard to admit that the team’s defense has been a problem this season. The outfielders seem to be struggling to track down fly balls, and the infielders have made a few too many errors. It’s frustrating to watch because we all know that defense can win championships. Hopefully, the team can work on improving their defensive skills and make a turnaround in the second half of the season.

The Red Sox Defense Is A Problem

As the Boston Red Sox fight for dominance in the American League East, they are experiencing a major problem – their defense. In fact, the Red Sox defense has been a problem for much of the team’s 2021 campaign. Despite the team’s impressive offensive performance, their defense has consistently failed to deliver, costing them precious games and ultimately leading to their current struggle to stay at the top of the East.

Defensive Woes

The Red Sox’s defense is statistically one of the worst in the entire league. Currently, they rank 27th in defensive runs saved, which is a measure of how many runs a team’s defense has saved compared to the average team. They have also given up 47 unearned runs – the second-highest in the majors. These defensive woes are directly responsible for the Red Sox’s mediocre record. Their inability to prevent runs and minimize damage when mistakes are made has placed too much of a burden on their offense to constantly outscore their opponents.

Infield Struggles

One of the most significant areas of weakness in the Red Sox’s defense is their infield. Rafael Devers, for all his strengths at the plate, has been a liability at third base, posting a -9 defensive runs saved. Xander Bogaerts, who is usually reliable at shortstop, has been unusually error-prone this season, making 13 errors so far, putting him on pace to easily exceed his career-high of 20. At second base, Marwin Gonzalez has struggled, posting a -2 defensive runs saved, and he has not been an upgrade over Christian Arroyo. Even at first base, Bobby Dalbec has not been the defensive force the Red Sox hoped for, with a -3 defensive runs saved.

Outfield Struggles

While the infield has been concerning, the Red Sox’s outfield has also seen its share of struggles. Center fielder Kiké Hernández has had a tough time adjusting to the position, where he has spent the majority of his time in 2021. He has a -6 defensive run saved, ranking him 46th out of 50 qualified center fielders in MLB. The Red Sox have also had a significant decline in the left-field position, with Alex Verdugo posting a -3 defensive runs saved while playing in left field.

Pitcher’s Perspective

The Red Sox’s dismal defensive performance has not gone unnoticed by their pitching staff. When a pitcher is on the mound, knowing they have a strong defense behind them provides them a sense of comfort and confidence. Sadly, the Red Sox’s pitchers have had to deal with a considerable amount of defensive miscues, leading to frustration and a loss of confidence.

Urgent Need for Improvement

Due to their horrible defense, the Red Sox have become a much easier team to defeat, especially for playoff contenders. To remain contenders themselves, the Red Sox need to ensure they are consistent in their defense. However, with the trade deadline approaching, the window for change may be closing. As we approach the end of July, expectations are that the Red Sox will be active in pursuing stronger defensive players, prioritizing those that can provide stability in the infield.


The Red Sox have had an excellent year offensively, but the team’s defensive woes have negated their offensive success. If the Red Sox are to remain confident in their position as playoff contenders, they must address their defense soon. Otherwise, their offensive prowess will not be enough to carry them through to the postseason. With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Red Sox must not waste any more time finding solutions to their defense problems. Time is running out, and their competition is not waiting for them to improve.


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