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The state of the Rays starting rotation


As a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays, I have been keeping a close eye on the state of their starting rotation. With the recent departure of ace pitcher Blake Snell, there were some concerns about how the rotation would fare this season. However, the Rays have proved to be resilient and continue to produce quality starts from their remaining pitchers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the current state of the Rays starting rotation and how it has evolved throughout the season.

The State of the Rays Starting Rotation

The Tampa Bay Rays have built a reputation as a team that consistently competes with a limited budget. One area of the team that has been key to their success is their starting rotation. This year, however, the Rays face some challenges in maintaining their starting pitching depth, and they’ll need to get creative if they want to keep up their great track record in this area.

Injuries and Trades Shake Up the Rotation

The Rays began the season with a starting rotation of Blake Snell, Tyler Glasnow, Charlie Morton, Ryan Yarbrough, and Yonny Chirinos. This group had the potential to be one of the best in the league. Snell was coming off a Cy Young award-winning season, Glasnow had shown flashes of dominance, Morton had been a top-of-the-rotation starter for the Astros, Yarbrough had been one of the most consistent Rays starters in recent years, and Chirinos had emerged as a promising young arm.

Unfortunately, injuries and trades have altered the picture. Morton was allowed to leave for the Braves in free agency, and Chirinos was traded to the Rangers for a player to be named later. Snell was traded to the Padres for several prospects. This means that only Glasnow and Yarbrough remain from the original starting rotation. To make matters worse, Glasnow has already spent time on the injured list this season with a forearm strain.

The New Rotation Members

With three of the original starters no longer on the team, the Rays have had to turn to other players to fill the void. Rich Hill, a veteran left-hander, was signed in free agency to help stabilize the rotation. Michael Wacha, a former Cardinals starter, was also added to the team in the hopes that he could return to his past form.

In addition, Luis Patiño, acquired in the Snell trade, and Shane McClanahan, a highly regarded prospect, have been called up to make starts for the Rays. This injection of youth and talent could be just what the team needs to refresh the rotation and keep it competitive.

The Situation Going Forward

With Glasnow’s injury reducing the rotation to just four starters, the Rays have had to get creative with their pitching. They’ve used their bullpen in tandem with openers, deploying pitchers like Collin McHugh, Josh Fleming, and Trevor Richards to start games before turning to their relievers. This strategy has been successful in the past for the Rays, but it puts a strain on the bullpen and isn’t a long-term solution.

The Rays hope that when Glasnow returns from the injured list, he’ll be able to provide a spark for the rotation. The team is also hoping that other players can step up and take on bigger roles in the starting staff. Yarbrough, for example, has pitched well so far this season and could take on a bigger workload.

It’s also possible that the team could make another move to bolster the rotation. The trade deadline is still a few months away, and the team has prospects they could use as trade chips. Adding a proven starter to the rotation could be just what the team needs to solidify their position in the AL East.

The Impact on the Team’s Future

The state of the Rays’ starting rotation this season is uncertain. There are questions about the health and performance of key players, and the team is relying on untested arms to fill the gaps. These challenges, however, aren’t new to the Rays. The team has successfully navigated these waters before and has managed to remain competitive with a limited budget.

In fact, the current situation could be a blessing in disguise for the team’s future. The Rays have one of the most impressive collections of pitching prospects in baseball, with players like Brendan McKay, Josh Lowe, and Shane Baz waiting in the wings. The current situation gives them opportunities to prove themselves at the major league level and gain valuable experience.

The Rays have also shown a willingness to innovate with their pitching staff, using openers, bullpen games, and multi-inning relievers to maximize their resources. This approach has been successful in the short term and could have long-term benefits as well. By developing pitchers who are versatile and adaptable, the Rays are setting themselves up for sustained success.


The state of the Rays starting rotation is uncertain, but the team remains committed to competing at a high level. The loss of key players like Morton and Snell has forced the team to rely on untested arms, but the Rays have a history of developing pitchers and maximizing their resources. With Glasnow set to return soon and other players stepping up, the Rays are poised to remain a force in the AL East.


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