The Trump Organization Stiffed a Hotel. His Kids May Pay the Price.

The Trump Organization Stiffed a Hotel. His Kids May Pay the Price.

Donald the former President TrumpHis family and company are a long history of stiffing contractors, but there’s one bill they almost certainly wish they had paid.

Get ahead of the 2017 presidential inauguration, the Trump OrganizationReserviert aBlock of rooms theLoews Madison Hotel When at least 13 people didn’t show up, the Trump OrganizationWe refused to pay thebills, which it has repeatedly done in the past the past. TheCompany was then avoided aCredit collection agency, eventually getting squirmed by pushing theTo get a $49,358 bill the nonprofit presidential inaugural committee, the PIC.

Now is the time to make that payment. the crux of theFor the attorney general the District of Columbia’s latest effort to put the Trump OrganizationDuring an ongoing investigation into the causes of cancer, it is back at its core. the TrumpKids used theThe Presidential Inauguration Commission will throw extravagant parties.

“It was their friends. It should never have been sent to the PIC. That’s misuse of funding. The Trump Organization being involved in any way and getting the PIC to pay any sort of balance anywhere on their behalf? It just doesn’t seem legitimate,”Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is the coordinator of inaugural events. She’s now the government’s lead witness in this case.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff

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Winston Wolkoff does not like being friends the Trumps—any more. Even though she was very close to theFamily for more than aten years, and finally became “Trusted Adviser”To First Lady Melania TrumpThere were aFallout from Winston Wolkoff was felt the TrumpWhite House made it possible theScapegoat for inefficient inauguration. TheNew York Times identified aWIS Media Partner, a company she is associated with, was also mentioned. theRecipient of aA staggering $26 million. Winston Wolkoff also overcame resistance from the Justice Department to her book Melania and Me, a tell-all about Melania and Me.

Karl Racine, D.C. Attorney General continues to investigate the matter theThe inauguration committee is alleged to have spent more than $1million and was used to enrich. Trump’s own company on his way into theWhite House The White House the Attorney General’s office is trying to recover from aLate last year, courtroom defeat.

In November, D.C. Superior Court Judge José M. López seemed to doom the local attorney general’s investigation when he cut the Trump OrganizationGet rid of the lawsuit. HisThis reasoning surprised the people following theCase, it was: the family’s company wasn’t directly involved—even though Don Jr., Ivanka, and other staffers at the company’s New York office were on aMany the paperwork. He dropped it. the Trump OrganizationStarting at the lawsuit.

Washington, D.C., Attorney general Karl Racine

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The judge’s Nov. 8 order hinged on the company’s claims that Texas financier Gentry Beach didn’t have theAutority to list the Trump OrganizationWhen he took out his American Express credit card, he made theReservations can be very expensive. Beach is no stranger to this. the Trump Organization. Donald was his name. Trump Jr.’s college pal and was handpicked to serve on the nonprofit’s finance committee. Journalists also exposed him. theInauguration to be a part of a nonprofit—directed by Eric Trump, Don Jr. and another wealthy Texan—that seemed to be auctioning off access to the Trumps.

Since then, Racine’s office has filed documents in court seeking to reverse that, pointing to numerous receipts and memos that show how even the debt collector wouldn’t be duped into letting the Trump OrganizationWeasel it’s way out.

theCampbell Hightower & Adams, Arizona’s aggressive collection agency began bombarding its clients in the typical style. theCompany with June 2017 phone calls and email, picking up from where theLoews Madison hotel had left.

An anonymous collector. “Sherie,” jotted down notes when she repeatedly communicated with Don Jr.’s executive assistant, Kara Hanley.

“Unfortunately, this was not an agreement made by anyone at The Trump Organization. Best, Kara,”Hanley wrote June 8.

“A contract was signed and then 13 people did not show up for the rooms you reserved [sic] so according to the contract terms, those rooms still have to be paid for. What am I missing?” Sherie wrote back.

A few weeks later, Sherie notified the Trump OrganizationShe had recently learned that Lindsey Santoro had originally requested to be Don Jr.’s executive assistant. theRooms and additional Beaches theContact person for main purposes the deal. This seemed to confirm even more that theIndeed, company was actually involved.

What time? the hotel contacted theCollections agency July, to ask that theBill suddenly changes the listed debtor to “58th Presidential Inauguration Committee”—with an odd special note saying “It just cannot say ‘The Trump Organization’”—Sherie grew suspicious.

“I hesitate as they all seem to be pointing fingers and making excuses as to why they won’t pay it and this seems to be another ploy so the Trump Organization’s name is not on it,”Sherie wrote back in July 10.

These records show theThe bill was finally paid by theAt the Presidential Inaugural Commission theRick Gates: a TrumpPolitical operator, ally who served as on the committee—and eventually served jail time for committing unrelated crimes caught by special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The District of Columbia’s AG hopes this evidence proves that the Trump OrganizationShould remain part theIt seeks to seize the money it considers misused and transfer it to another non-profit. Otherwise, theOnly against would civil investigations continue. thePIC is now inactive. the TrumpInternational Hotel Washington is currently being sold.

In court filings aFor lawyers the Trump Organization Trump Hotel blasted the AG’s last-ditch effort as merely “rehashed arguments”You should search “several bites at several apples.” On Dec. 14, attorney Rebecca Woods reiterated that Don Jr.’s buddy, Beach, didn’t have theSpecific authority for making the deal. She also wrote that investigators shouldn’t be allowed to now seek sworn testimony from him or Santoro, theExecutive assistant.

If approached by TheDaily Beast the AG’s office pointed to theIt made arguments in court. The Trump Organization’s lawyer didn’t respond to aSend us a comment The collection agency didn’t return calls on Friday.

Notably, these documents did not describe another layer. Trump OrganizationParticipation: What Allen Weisselberg (chief financial officer) has puzzlingly assumed about his company’s involvement theAuditing responsibility the nonprofit PIC’s finances. D.C. Investigators attempted to interview him in oath last summer. However, he was indicted by New York City authorities for criminal tax fraud.

The local attorney general’s request is now up to the judge—but aThis time, it will be a different one. On New Year’s Eve, theYvonne Williams from D.C. Superior Court was appointed to the case aFormer NAACP lawyer appointed as the new NAACP attorney theBarack Obama, President

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