The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Put In Tuna Salad

The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Put In Tuna Salad

Eater Austin editor Nadia Chaudhury — whose family runs legendary specialty food market Kalustyan’s — recommends adding coriander chutney to tuna salad. Fans of Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern food are likely already familiar with coriander, which is often found in dishes throughout those diverse cuisines. Chutney is an essential element of Indian cooking. The versatile condiment is “made from fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs with vinegar, sugar, and spices” according to Madhur Jaffrey for Masterclass. The Better India explains how chutney is a staple in Indian cuisine and chutney featuring coriander as a primary ingredient is common.

Chaudhury calls her tuna salad with coriander chutney “kickass” and says it’s great for sandwiches. If you’d like to try this inspired take yourself but are uncertain of how to get started with tuna salad, a basic tuna salad recipe is a terrific canvas for more adventurous add-ins. Should you be in an extremely “DIY” mood, has a recipe you can follow to make your own coriander chutney, too. For those who would like to skip that work and simply mix pre-made chutney in, The Better India has some recommendations for the best brands to look for.

For another unique twist, try eating your coriander chutney-infused tuna salad with naan instead of sliced sandwich bread. Using creative ingredients like coriander chutney, your tuna salad routine will be far less likely to bore you. – * Source link

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