Thief breaks into Jeep at dog park in Lehigh Acres

Thief breaks into Jeep at dog park in Lehigh Acres

A woman is searching for answers after her Jeep was broken into at a park.

Jessica Lanza said she was sitting in Veterans park when she noticed a young teen hop out of a white car.

“The kid was like, creeping down and bent over because there were people here so he was trying to hide from them,” said Lanza.

After noticing the teen, Lanza asked her boyfriend to check on their Jeep. When he approached the vehicle, he noticed glass scattered on the ground from the shattered passenger window.

“I’m lucky, they only took his wallet which had nothing in it really but I’m just happy my dogs were as far away from the incident and I was too,” said Lanza.

The couple called law enforcement, but deputies said they couldn’t do anything without more information.

There are no cameras at the dog park. Lanza hopes more cameras will be added in the future.

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