Three jet skis found abandoned on Alico Road

Three jet skis found abandoned on Alico Road

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Trash like tires, bags, and bottles aren’t uncommon sights to see on the side of Alico Road in Fort Myers, but three abandoned jet skis sure do stick out.

One yellow jet ski was propped up against a tree, about 50 yards away from two other jet ski’s near train tracks on the side of Alico Road near Michael G. Rippe Parkway.

Some who work near the area and travel the road daily said they’ve been there for quite some time, but others said they’ve been hiding in plain sight.

Al Carfagno, who owns “Hook’d Up Fish Market” just down the street from the skis, said he hasn’t noticed them while driving through busy traffic on Alico, but others have.

“People say they’ve been out there for months – it’s crazy!” Carfagno said.

All three jet skis have been stripped bare of their parts, leaving only the shells behind.

One of the jet skis has a clue that could crack that case, a registration number still etched on the side.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office traced the vessel’s owner to Naples. It’s unclear, however, how those jetskis made it onto the private property off Alico Road.

If they were dumped by their owner, that person could be in for a big fine and possibly even some jail time.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said anyone found dumping property 15 pounds or over could face a year in jail and a whopping fine of $1,000.

While authorities track down the owner, Carfagno and the guys at the fish market said they’ll be keeping their eyes open for anyone using that area as their own personal landfill.

“If somebody’s starting it again, we gotta get ‘em,” said Hook’d Up employee Joui Wipperfurth.

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