TikTok Moon Phase Soulmate Trend Explained by an Astrologer

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In recent months, TikTok users have been obsessing over the Moon Phase Soulmate trend. The trend involves identifying your soulmate based on the phase of the moon at the time of your birth. But is there any truth to this popular trend? In this article, we explore the Moon Phase Soulmate trend and explain its origins and astrological significance with the help of an expert astrologer.

TikTok Moon Phase Soulmate Trend Explained by an Astrologer

If you have been scrolling through TikTok lately, you may have come across a new trend that has taken the app by storm – the “moon phase soulmate” trend, where users determine their supposed soulmate based on their moon phase.

But what exactly is this trend all about? And is there any truth to it from an astrological standpoint? Let’s find out.

Understanding the Moon Phase Soulmate Trend

At its core, the moon phase soulmate trend suggests that your ideal romantic partner can be determined based on your moon phase at the time of your birth. For instance, those born during a full moon are said to be more compatible with others born during the full moon, while those born during the new moon are more compatible with others born during the new moon.

Many TikTok users have taken this trend to the next level by creating videos where they show off their matching moon phases with their significant others or crushes. Some even go as far as to use tarot cards or other divination tools to confirm their compatibility.

What Astrology Says About Moon Phases and Love

While the moon phase soulmate trend may seem like a fun way to find love, it’s important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support it. From an astrological standpoint, there are many factors that contribute to compatibility between two individuals, including their birth charts, planetary placements, and more.

That being said, the moon does play a significant role in astrology and can offer insight into a person’s emotional nature, as well as their romantic preferences.

For example, those born during a full moon are believed to have a strong sense of intuition, creativity, and passion. They may also be more inclined towards drama and intense relationships.

Meanwhile, those born during a new moon tend to be more introspective and independent. They may prefer to keep their emotions and relationships private and value their alone time.

However, it’s important to remember that these generalizations are just that – generalizations. Every person is unique and has their own individual traits, regardless of their moon phase.

Tips for Finding Love Based on Astrology

While the moon phase soulmate trend may not be the most reliable way to find a romantic partner, there are other ways astrology can be used to enhance your love life.

If you’re looking to find a more compatible partner, it’s important to start by understanding your own birth chart and what it reveals about your personality, values, and preferences in a relationship. From there, you can compare your chart to potential partners to see if you have any strong astrological connections.

You can also look at the planetary placements in your chart to see what qualities you may be seeking in a partner. For example, if your Venus is in the sign of Libra, you may be drawn to someone who is charming, harmonious, and values fairness and equality in relationships.

Additionally, understanding each other’s love languages and communication styles can also help strengthen a relationship. By knowing which planetary placements influence how you express and receive love, you can work towards meeting each other’s emotional needs and fostering a deeper connection.


While the TikTok moon phase soulmate trend is a fun and creative way to explore astrology, it’s important to remember that true compatibility is based on a variety of factors that go beyond just one’s moon phase. However, by using astrology as a tool to better understand yourself and your partner, you can enhance your relationships and find deeper connections.

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