US Senate Demands Saudi Arabia’s $700bn Sovereign Wealth Fund to Testify on US Transactions

Senate subpoenas Saudi’s $700bn sovereign wealth fund over US dealings

As tensions between the United States and Saudi Arabia continue to escalate, the US Senate has issued subpoenas demanding Saudi Arabia’s $700 billion sovereign wealth fund provide detailed information regarding its US dealings. This bold move from the Senate marks a significant step in holding Saudi Arabia accountable for its actions and shedding light on the extent of its influence in the US. The subpoenas come amidst mounting concerns about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in various aspects of American society, including politics, business, and media.

The growing influence of Saudi Arabia in the US

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the United States. The oil-rich kingdom has been pouring billions of dollars into American companies, acquiring stakes in prominent corporations, and even gaining influence in the media landscape. It is believed that Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund has become a powerful tool for advancing the kingdom’s agenda overseas, including in the US. This growing influence has triggered concern among lawmakers, urging them to take action to ensure the transparency of Saudi Arabia’s financial activities in the country.

The need for accountability

The subpoenas issued by the US Senate signify a vital step towards holding Saudi Arabia accountable for its actions. By demanding detailed information about the sovereign wealth fund’s US dealings, lawmakers aim to uncover the full extent of Saudi Arabia’s influence and assess whether it complies with the established legal framework. Ensuring transparency is crucial to safeguarding the integrity of American institutions and preventing undue foreign influence on US policies, both foreign and domestic.

Impact on US-Saudi relations

This move by the US Senate is likely to further strain the already tense relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The disappearance and alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018 ignited international outrage and brought the Saudi government’s human rights record under scrutiny. The resulting backlash, coupled with concerns about the kingdom’s involvement in American affairs, has put significant pressure on the US government to take a stronger stance against Saudi Arabia’s actions.

The subpoenas may provoke a diplomatic confrontation between the two nations and potentially result in economic and political repercussions. However, it is crucial for the US Senate to uphold its duty of oversight and ensure that the interests of the American people are protected, even if it means straining relations with Saudi Arabia temporarily.

The potential for uncovering hidden motives

By delving into the details of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund’s US involvements, these subpoenas have the potential to reveal hidden motives and shed light on clandestine activities. Concerns have been raised about the extent of Saudi Arabia’s influence on American foreign policy decisions, particularly its involvement in conflicts such as the war in Yemen. The repercussions of such revelations could reshape the relationship between the two nations, forcing a reevaluation of their strategic alliances.

The role of transparency in safeguarding American democracy

The demand for transparency regarding Saudi Arabia’s financial activities in the US is a crucial aspect in maintaining the integrity of American democracy. Foreign influence, especially from countries with differing political values and objectives, can undermine the interests of American citizens and compromise the democratic process. The Senate’s actions aim to protect the autonomy and sovereignty of the United States by ensuring that no foreign entity exerts undue influence over its domestic affairs.


The Senate’s decision to issue subpoenas demanding detailed information on the Saudi sovereign wealth fund’s US dealings demonstrates a firm commitment to accountability and transparency. By doing so, lawmakers intend to shed light on Saudi Arabia’s influence in various sectors of American society and assess the extent to which it aligns with the nation’s values and interests. While these subpoenas may further strain US-Saudi relations, it is imperative for the Senate to prioritize the well-being and autonomy of the American people and safeguard the democratic process from foreign interference.


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