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Was Yankees Star Aaron Judge Cheating By Stealing Signs, Or Checking On His Hot Pocket?

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As a baseball fan, I was shocked to hear rumors about one of my favorite players, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, possibly cheating during games by stealing signs. However, those rumors were quickly debunked when it was revealed that Judge was actually checking on his hot pocket, a small heating pad he wears around his waist to help loosen his muscles. While the idea of cheating is certainly concerning, it’s reassuring to know that Judge is playing fair on the field.


The New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge is a superstar in Major League Baseball, known for his incredible home runs and outstanding fielding skills. However, in the 2019 season, there were rumors that Judge may have been cheating by stealing signs from opposing teams. The allegations led to heated discussions among baseball fans, players, and experts. In this article, we will explore the accusations against Judge and examine whether there is any truth to them.

The Accusations

In September 2019, the Yankees played a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. During one of the games, Judge was seen looking toward the Blue Jays’ dugout, where their catcher was giving signals to the pitcher. Some fans and experts speculated that Judge may have been stealing signs from the Blue Jays to gain an advantage for his team.

The accusations against Judge were not limited to this incident. He had previously been accused of similar behavior during the 2018 American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros. In that series, Judge was seen making unusual movements with his hands while standing on second base. Some baseball fans and experts suggested that these movements may have been a way for him to convey stolen signs to his teammates.

The Defense

Many Yankees fans and supporters rushed to Aaron Judge’s defense, arguing that he was simply checking his hot pocket and not trying to cheat. The term “hot pocket” refers to the small pocket located on the front of a player’s pants, where they can keep their batting gloves or other small items.

Judge himself denied the allegations, stating that he was only trying to adjust his shirt and had no intention of stealing signs. He explained that he often looks toward the opposing team’s dugout to see if he can get a clue about the pitch that is about to be thrown.

Some experts also supported Judge, arguing that stealing signs is part of the game and has been practiced for decades. In fact, many teams have developed complex sign systems to avoid having their signals stolen. Therefore, it was suggested that Judge was merely doing what any smart player would do to gain an advantage.

The Counter-Arguments

Despite the defense put forward by Judge and his supporters, there were several counter-arguments that challenged the claim that he was innocent.

One of the main arguments was that Judge’s actions were not consistent with checking a hot pocket. In the video footage of the incident, Judge can be seen looking toward the Blue Jays’ dugout for an extended period of time, with his eyes fixed on the catcher’s signals. This behavior is not typical of a player who is adjusting their equipment or checking their pockets.

Another argument was that stealing signs is not part of the game when it is done illegally. While it is true that players have been stealing signs for decades, the rules prohibit the use of electronic devices or other illicit methods to gain an unfair advantage. Therefore, if Judge was indeed stealing signs, he would be breaking the rules of the game and undermining the integrity of baseball.

The Conclusion

In the end, it is hard to say for sure whether Aaron Judge was cheating by stealing signs. While there is evidence to suggest that he may have been looking for an advantage, there is also room for doubt and interpretation. Ultimately, the truth may never be fully known.

What we do know is that this incident sparked a lively debate among baseball fans and experts about the role of sign-stealing in the game. Some argued that it is an accepted part of the game, while others called for stricter rules and punishments for those who engage in illegal practices.

Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it is clear that Aaron Judge will continue to be a fixture in Major League Baseball for many years to come. Whether he is remembered as a cheater or a hero remains to be seen.


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