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Watch golfers at the Division 3 Women’s Championship take on an ‘unplayable’ hole


Wow, what a day at the Division 3 Women’s Championship! As an avid golf fan, I was thrilled to see some of the best up-and-coming female golfers take on the challenge of the course. However, what really caught my attention was the infamous “unplayable” hole. This tricky par-4 has been known to trip up even the most seasoned golfers and it was fascinating to watch these talented women strategize and adapt to the difficult terrain. It was truly a display of skill and determination on the green.

Golfers at Division 3 Women’s Championship Battle Against an ‘Unplayable’ Hole

Golfers at the Division 3 Women’s Championship faced a challenging and controversial hole during the tournament. The 17th hole at the Bay Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas, was labeled as ‘unplayable’ by some of the golfers competing. Despite the difficulty, these athletes showcased their skills and perseverance, proving that nothing is truly impossible in golf.

The 17th Hole: A Challenging Obstacle

The 17th hole at the Bay Oaks Country Club featured a narrow fairway that slopes towards a water hazard on the right side. The green is also located on a slope that may cause the ball to roll farther than expected. These factors made it challenging for the golfers to make a successful shot on this particular hole.

Furthermore, the wind conditions during the tournament added another level of difficulty to the game. Golfers struggled to maintain control of their shots, leading to numerous balls landing in the water hazard on the right side of the fairway, forcing them to take penalty strokes.

The Controversy

The controversy arose when some of the golfers began to label the hole as ‘unplayable’. This meant that it was too challenging and was not fair for all the players. According to the official rules of the game, a hole can only be deemed unplayable if it is damaged or if a player’s ball is imbedded in a tree root, rock, or other natural object.

Despite this, some golfers believed that the difficulty of the 17th hole exceeded fair play and requested that it be changed. However, officials rejected their request, stating that the hole met all the requirements of the game and was fair for all the players.

The Golfers’ Perseverance

Despite the controversy surrounding the 17th hole, the golfers demonstrated their skills and perseverance throughout the tournament. Many of them learned to adjust their strategies and make better shots to avoid the water hazard and gain a better position on the green.

Some even saw the challenge of the hole as an opportunity to showcase their abilities. They attempted risky shots, some with success, which helped them to gain an edge over their competitors.

One golfer who stood out was Emily Salamy from Carnegie Mellon University. She managed to make two consecutive birdies on the 17th hole, which was a remarkable achievement given the difficulty of the hole. Her success inspired other golfers to push through the challenges of the game and focus on achieving their best.

The Importance of Resiliency

The Division 3 Women’s Championship was not just a test of golfing skills, but also of resilience. The golfers faced many obstacles, including the ‘unplayable’ 17th hole, unfavorable weather conditions, and strong competition. However, they showed that they had the grit and determination to succeed, regardless of the challenges.

Resilience is an essential trait in golf and many other aspects of life. It means being able to persevere through difficult times, stay mentally tough, and keep focused on one’s goals despite obstacles. The golfers at the Division 3 Women’s Championship demonstrated these qualities, serving as an inspiration to other players, both amateur and professional.


The 17th hole at the Bay Oaks Country Club may have been labeled as ‘unplayable’ by some golfers at the Division 3 Women’s Championship, but it did not stop them from showcasing their skills and resilience. They persevered through the challenges and overcame the obstacles, proving that nothing is truly impossible in golf.

Moreover, their example serves as a reminder that resilience is a crucial quality that every golfer should cultivate. It is the key to success, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. As such, golfers should strive to be resilient, both on and off the course, to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.


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