Why Chefs Never Buy Pre-Made Rice

Why Chefs Never Buy Pre-Made Rice

The Huffington Post points out that the process of cooking, dehydrating, and rehydrating that goes into making instant rice strips the grains of a lot of its natural nutrients. Instant rice also tends to be inferior in taste and texture, which manufacturers sometimes make up for with additional seasonings. Reddit, as it turns out, also isn’t in favor of instant and pre-made rice for these very reasons.

One Redditor points out that minute rice not only tends to be more expensive than regular rice, but it also takes longer than a minute to cook, contrary to what the name suggests. Another describes minute rice as “eating soft plastic beads shaped like rice aka you can feel each individual grain rolling around in your mouth since it’s just so dry.” Several users complain that they grew up hating rice, when in reality, they had never tasted regular rice and their dislike for rice came from only ever eating the instant varieties.

Considering the fact that rice cookers have made preparing rice from scratch as easy as it can possibly be, Redditors argue that there’s even less reason to choose instant or pre-made rice. One user points out: “Rice is already really easy to make, so why pay more for worse rice that is ‘easier’?” It seems that chefs aren’t the only ones not in favor of pre-made and instant varieties of rice.

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