Why Ryan Reynolds Wants You To Have A Free Root Beer Float

Why Ryan Reynolds Wants You To Have A Free Root Beer Float

According to actor Ryan Reynolds, there’s a reason why he decided to participate in this year’s A&W National Root Beer Float Day promotion (via QSR). “My name commands a lot of attention,” the star said in a statement. “I’m just glad I could help put some of that attention where it really belongs…the amazing work of the Disabled Veterans Charity.” DAV is a non-profit organization that works to support disabled veterans in a number of ways, from driving veterans to and from doctor’s appointments, filing benefits claims, helping with job placement, assisting with Covid-19-related matters, and more.

This isn’t Reynolds’ first time supporting the military. In 2011, he hosted a special Father’s Day screening of “Green Lantern,” a movie he starred in, at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar near San Diego in California (via The San Diego Union-Tribune). Per The Red Carpet, he also gave an emotional tribute to his grandfather, commemorating his service in the Canadian Forces, in 2020. Pair that with his statement that A&W has “phenomenal root beer floats,” and the collaboration makes total sense.

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