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Why You Never Want To Deep Fry In Your Instant Pot

Why You Never Want To Deep Fry In Your Instant Pot
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As KFC historians may know, Colonel Sanders did patent a pressure cooker capable of deep frying his famous chicken, but whatever technology he used is something that today’s instant pots do not employ. As Tom’s Guide explains, while instant pots can pan-fry, they are not designed to get hot enough to heat oil to the temperatures necessary for deep frying. If you try to heat a whole potful of oil, you’re likely to burn the food you’re trying to fry and any batter-coated foods will probably be soggy, as well since too low a temperature means that more oil is absorbed into the batter. In a worst-case scenario, deep-frying food in your instant pot could even result in a kitchen fire.

About the closest you can come to deep-frying foods via instant pot is to invest in an air fryer/pressure cooker combo. Even then, however, you’re advised to avoid wet-battered foods such as funnel cakes or corn dogs as such foods do not cook well in the air fryer. While you may see recipes for air fryer versions of these dishes, they’ve been tweaked to make them dryer and less drippy. If you really want deep-fried foods, though, you’ll either need to employ an appliance that’s marketed as a deep fryer or else just use a pot on the stove as this is one function your instant pot will never be able to fill. – * Source link

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