Wimbledon Players’ Food Stipends Might Not Be A Winner

Wimbledon Players' Food Stipends Might Not Be A Winner

There seemed to be two main takes on the news coming out of Wimbledon. One opinion was that the event organizers need to loosen up and just let people spend what they want, while others thought the players’ budget and the cost of food in general was far too much. “It’s Wimbledon. The English are soo tight,” said one Twitter user. On the other hand: “£90 food allowance….someone’s making an absolute packet there supplying the food to Wimbledon,” scoffed another Twitter user. 

Still, others tried to come to the defense of the rumored yogurt-hoarding coach. “Maybe he just had gut issues?” wondered one empathetic Twitter commenter). “He will do after 27 yogurts,” a Twitter user said in reply. “It’s a grand tradition,” joked another. “Wimbledon, where the probiotic yogurt drink flows like wine” (via Twitter) While strawberries and cream being served at Wimbledon is a tradition, we’re not so sure about the probiotic yogurt. What we do know is that even if the players do run out of money in their per diem budget, they can rest easy knowing that a reliable bowl of strawberries and cream will only set them back £2.50 (via Metro).

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