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Questions Arise About 737 Max ‘Door Plug’ Design, According to Aviation Experts

Aviation Experts Raise Questions About 737 Max ‘Door Plug’ Design

The Boeing 737 Max has been at the center of controversy and scrutiny since its two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019. As investigations into the crashes continue, aviation experts have raised concerns about the design of the aircraft’s ‘door plug,’ a crucial component of the emergency exit system. This article will delve into these concerns and explore the potential implications for the safety of 737 Max passengers.

The Role of the Door Plug

The ‘door plug’ is the mechanism that covers the emergency exit on the 737 Max’s wings. In an emergency situation, this plug is meant to be easily removed by passengers to enable a swift evacuation. However, aviation experts have voiced doubts about the effectiveness of this design, pointing to potential safety issues.

Concerns About Accessibility

One major concern revolves around the accessibility of the door plug. Critics argue that its design may make it difficult for passengers, especially those with limited mobility, to dislodge it quickly. In an emergency situation, every second matters, and any delays in evacuating the aircraft can have grave consequences.

Moreover, the door plug could become stuck due to factors such as high temperatures or impact damage, further inhibiting passengers’ ability to exit the aircraft efficiently. Aviation experts argue that Boeing should consider reevaluating the door plug design to ensure its accessibility even in challenging circumstances.

Potential Safety Hazards

Another issue raised by aviation experts is the potential safety hazards associated with the door plug design. Critics argue that the current mechanism may pose a risk of injury to passengers during the evacuation process. The design features sharp edges and hinges that could potentially cause harm or obstruct the flow of passengers exiting the aircraft.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the durability of the door plug. In emergency scenarios, passengers might exert excessive force to remove the plug, resulting in its malfunction or dislodging. This could compromise the integrity of the emergency exit system and impede an orderly evacuation.

Possible Alternatives

Aviation experts suggest that alternative designs could be considered to address these concerns. One proposal is the development of a door plug that is easier to remove and less likely to cause injury to passengers. This could involve the use of materials that are both durable and lightweight, ensuring ease of access while maintaining safety standards.

Additionally, experts suggest implementing a training program for airline crews to educate them on the potential risks and proper procedures associated with the door plug. This would ensure that crew members are prepared to assist passengers in removing the plug swiftly and safely during an emergency.

Boeing’s Response

In response to the concerns, Boeing has stated that the door plug design complies with all safety regulations and has undergone rigorous testing. The company says it will continue to work closely with aviation authorities and experts to address any potential issues. However, the company has not publicly announced any plans for modifications or design changes to the door plug.

Boeing’s assertion that their design meets safety standards has been met with mixed reactions from the aviation community. While some experts believe that the door plug design is acceptable, others argue that more comprehensive investigations and reassessments are necessary to ensure that passenger safety is not compromised.


The concerns raised by aviation experts about the door plug design of the Boeing 737 Max highlight the ongoing debates surrounding the aircraft’s safety. As investigations into the crashes continue, it is crucial for all stakeholders to prioritize passenger safety above all else. Whether Boeing decides to address these concerns by modifying the door plug design or by providing additional reassurances, the ultimate goal should be to prevent any future incidents and ensure that passengers can evacuate the aircraft swiftly and safely in the event of an emergency.


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