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US Netflix discontinues basic membership plan

Netflix Stops Offering Basic Membership Plan in US

Netflix, the popular streaming platform that has revolutionized the way we consume media, has recently made a surprising announcement. The company has decided to discontinue its basic membership plan in the United States, a move that has generated both excitement and concerns among subscribers. This decision marks a significant shift in Netflix’s strategy and raises questions about the future of streaming services and their pricing models.

The Changing Landscape of Streaming Services

Over the past decade, Netflix has emerged as the leading streaming service provider, not only in the United States but also worldwide. Its success can be attributed to its vast content library, innovative original programming, and user-friendly interface. However, this dominance has attracted competition from other players in the industry, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+. The emergence of these competitors has led to a fragmented market with multiple subscription options, resulting in difficulties for consumers in choosing the right plan.

Netflix’s decision to discontinue its basic membership plan in the US can be seen as a response to this changing landscape. By eliminating the lowest-tier plan, Netflix aims to simplify its offering, creating a clearer distinction between its plans and reducing confusion for subscribers.

The Basic Membership Plan

Netflix’s basic membership plan, which was priced at a lower rate compared to its other plans, allowed subscribers to stream content on a single screen in standard definition (SD). While this plan was popular among price-conscious consumers, it had its limitations. The lack of high-definition (HD) streaming and the inability to stream on multiple screens simultaneously were some of the drawbacks that users had to accept.

Removing the basic membership plan means that new subscribers will have to choose between the standard and premium plans, both of which offer more features and flexibility. The standard plan allows streaming on two screens in HD, while the premium plan offers streaming on up to four screens in ultra-high-definition (UHD) and HDR, catering to those who value high-quality content and shared accounts.

Price Increase and Consumer Reaction

While it may seem like a disadvantageous move for subscribers who were content with the basic membership plan, Netflix’s decision to remove it coincides with a price increase across all its plans. This price hike is likely to cover the costs of producing more original programming and acquiring licenses for exclusive content. However, this increase has sparked mixed reactions from consumers.

Some subscribers have expressed frustration over the elimination of the basic plan and the subsequent increase in prices. They argue that Netflix is becoming less accessible and less affordable for those on a tight budget. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the price increase is justified, considering the growing competition and the need for Netflix to continue producing high-quality content.

Retaining Customer Loyalty

One key challenge for Netflix in this transition is ensuring that loyal customers remain loyal. The decision to discontinue the basic membership plan may lead some subscribers to explore other streaming services that offer more affordable options. Netflix’s competitors may use this opportunity to entice these consumers with attractive pricing and exclusive content.

To retain its customer base, Netflix needs to focus on providing a seamless and superior streaming experience. This may involve investing in new technologies, expanding its content library, and continuing to produce compelling original programming. By delivering on these fronts, Netflix can strengthen its position as a premium streaming service and justify its increased prices.

The Future of Streaming Services

Netflix’s decision to abandon its basic membership plan in the US signifies a larger trend in the streaming industry. As competition intensifies, streaming platforms are reevaluating their pricing models and the value they provide to subscribers. By simplifying their offerings and catering to users’ preferences, these services strive to secure their positions in an increasingly crowded market.

While Netflix’s decision may be viewed as a bold move, it ultimately reflects the evolution and maturation of the streaming industry. As technology advances and consumer demands change, streaming services must adapt to remain relevant and competitive. It is essential for these platforms to strike a balance between meeting the needs of their subscribers and sustaining profitability.

A Bold Step Towards the Future

As Netflix stops offering its basic membership plan in the US, the streaming giant is making a bold step towards improving clarity and simplifying its subscription options. While this move may upset some subscribers initially, it is an essential part of Netflix’s strategy to compete effectively in an increasingly dynamic market. By focusing on delivering high-quality content and creating a superior streaming experience, Netflix aims to retain its loyal customer base and attract new users, ensuring its continued success in the future.


Netflix’s decision to discontinue its basic membership plan in the US comes as no surprise in a changing landscape of streaming services. With fierce competition from various platforms, the elimination of the basic plan allows Netflix to differentiate its higher-tier plans and make its subscription options clearer for users. Although the price increase and the removal of a budget-friendly option may generate mixed reactions, Netflix’s focus on providing a superior streaming experience and producing compelling content is crucial for retaining customer loyalty. It is clear that the future of streaming services lies in adapting to consumer demands and sustaining profitability through strategic decisions like this one made by Netflix.


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